CPU Temperature Causing Shutdown

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Jun 5, 2009
  1. Hi there, one day my powersupply fan started to make this rattling noise and then one day the whole pc shut down. I replaced the power supply, but the problem is still occurring. The computer would boot for around 20 seconds then shut down randomly. I quickly went into BIOS- Power- Hardware Management, and saw that my CPU temperature was increasing from around 32C to 53C before shutting down on its own immediately after reaching exactly 52 degrees. Does this mean their is a problem with my CPU cooling? Somebody also mentioned that i need to replace the "thermal paste". Sorry for my lack of knowledge of this subject, but does anyone understand what the problem could be? Thanks Alot!

    I have a video if it helps, but i did this video with the starting temperature already quite high so it shut down much quicker.

  2. klepto12

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    hmm sounds like you might have the temp warning set to 52c because cpus dont usually shut down till around high 70c. your heat sink fan may have died too so might open it up and see if thats the case will have to buy a new one.
  3. smu122

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    Thanks for the reply
    my heat sink seems to be spinning correctly but ill try taking it out to examine... What temperature would a safe warning temp be, how would i set this, and is it normal to have such high temperatures at boot? thanks
  4. captaincranky

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    You understand that if you do this, then you absolutely will have to replace the thermal compound between the heatsink and the CPU.

    BTW, could you give us a clue as to what processor and what Brand and model we're dealing with.
  5. smu122

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    Cranky, what do you mean by replacing the thermal compound? If i do what? And I have an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 3.0 Ghz with a standard Intel Heatsink. Kind of like this one...

  6. captaincranky

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    The heat sink fan is equipped with a thermal pad at the factory. If you decide to remove the HSF assembly, then you would need to clean the old material from the CPU and HSF and apply a thermal paste such as "Arctic Silver".

    Before you do that, you might go into the computers BIOS, and find out if the CPU fan is set correctly. Different BIOS call this function different things. Basically you want the fan to respond to heat by speeding up. You would need to tell us want the settings are in your BIOS so that we can determine what would be best.

    In the meantime is your computer placedso that the air inlets are not blocked, and have you cleaned out the HSF fan and PSU recently? This is usually done with canned compressed air.

    As Klepto said, your BIOS should be set to trigger a CPU shutdown at a minimum of 60c as anything less in unnecessary. You check both items when you boot into the BIOS.
  7. Punkid

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    once this happened to me on my pentium computer...the fan for the processor stopped working and i had to find a new one,had to go to another city to find a cheap one :p but its working great forl like more than 3 years....
  8. smu122

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    This time the PC shut down at 55C rather than 52C, so could this be a motherboard failure rather?

    My computer has three case fans and seems to be ventilated well.

    Will Changing the RPM in the Hardware Monitor of the CPU Fan Speed Work?

    O and i cleaned all the dust. And the Power Supply is Brand New (Cooler Master Extreme Duo 650W)

    Also, Here is a picture of my heatsink and plate where i believe the thermal paste should be. Seems rusty...


  9. quietus14

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    I seem to be having the same problems and can use some help that could actually somewhat relate to this but not exactly.

    I'm running an averatec av6130hs-20.

    The temperature would rise on my computer as the processor started working hard. Like, when installing windows. I applied arctic silver after removing the factory installed 'thermal grease' since it is a cheap fix. I managed to get windows installed correctly, and now the laptop runs without randomly shutting off. Except when I run processor intensive progrmas, say, any single video game for example it shuts down in about 10-20 minutes. I can feel the bottom of my laptop heating up a bit. I have a program called SpeedFan which tells me my HD0 temp is around 44C - 51C (51c after 1 hour straight usage no powerdowns). SpeedFan however, has told me no matter what the CPU is stuck at 75C which I know is a lie, it will falter a bit up and down. It was like this before I applied the arctic silver and after, so I know SpeedFan isn't working properly.

    I have been searching for hours and hours, and I simply cannot find any other information on my motherboard/bios other than the following

    I have tried accessing my BIOS, and cannot find any tool whatsoever to find out exactly what my CPU temp is at all. Nor can I change the temp where it automatically shuts down. I have been working on this for days, can anyone give some good advice on what else I can do? I simply can't afford much else.
  10. SineSurfer

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    THat CPU temperature is high for idle temperature, especially since motherboards usually under-report temperatures . Make sure the heatsink is very firmly attached, You also need to list what cpu you have, and the voltage its running at.
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