crappy new nvidia drivers?

By Rory7 · 12 replies
Nov 5, 2003
  1. I downloaded the new nvidia drivers from the site for my fx 5200, to put it simply, they were crap. After installing them (they were definately the relevent drivers) my games, which worked faultlessly beforehand started jumping like hell and the screen flickered ect. So i just installed an older driver, which is a bit poo, but does the job, do any of you lot know why this happened? I might of read somthing on it that said the new driver used program patterns or somthing to make it perfom better, could this of altered my gaming quality?
  2. ---agissi---

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    Are you positive you downloaded the latest ones? Did you get them off Always get your nvidia drivers off to insure your getting what you want.
  3. xtrmn8r

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    i downloaded the 52.16 drivers, and the mian problem i have is SOF2 doesnt work. It will run for about 30 secs when u get into the actual gaming screen, then it totally hangs my computer, so i cant even ctrl-alt-delete out of it. but this has only happened to the one game, the rest are fine! bizarre.

    i think ill go back to the previous drivers, ive only got a ti4600 so dx9 support doesnt bother me in the slightest.
  4. Rory7

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    yeah i got them of, made sure they were the xp/2000 ones to. It seems theyve been fine with everyone else, weird
  5. wicka_wicka

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    Same thing happened with me on ET with the 52.16's. Grab a version of the Detanators; I use the 40.72's. The new Forceware drivers are horrible.
  6. Supra

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    What brand fx 5200 do you have? Your better off going directly to your card manufactures website to get the correct drivers. They usually have custom made version designed to work with your card and exploit all the features of that card. Nvidia's drivers at are a meant to work with all nvidia chipset cards but they are not gauranteed to do so.
  7. xtrmn8r

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    just a quick update on this....

    i went back to the old drivers, and doing benchmarks using 3dmark03 i actually got better results with the older detonator drivers. i think ill wait until the next revision of the forceware drivers comes out before i change again.
  8. vassil3427

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    I also have a Ti4600 and with the new drivers BF1942 was all messed up, textures dissappear, I can see through wall's, It was kind of useful...but really annoying....I switched back to an older version of the detonators and everything seems fine....
  9. Steg

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    getting higher scores in 3dmark03 in the 45 detonators i probebly due to some cheats or other in other drivers

    i have a friend who has a Leadtek 5600 256 and with the Forceware 52.16 he image quality goes totally **** according to him.....always buy reference cards - that way they always work with offical nvidia drivers - looks like u just have to use manufactors drivers

  10. wicka_wicka

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    It's just that the Forcewares are horrible drivers...that's all. It's funny to me how nvidia cards are getting worse than ATi's, and now their drivers suck too!
  11. acidosmosis

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    I had the same problem in BF1942 with the new Nvidia drivers the other day. Some objects would float, some walls were invisible, at one point the ground was invisible in one area, etc.
  12. Rory7

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    Nvidia do seem to be getting worse and worse eh, just as ATI seem to be kikin even more anus. Think its better to get a 5700 ultra or the 9600 pro for christmas?

    ps. Im also not bothered to much about prices (although im sure my parents might be), since its christmas.
  13. Nic

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    nVidias latest nForce drivers v3.13 for winxp are also messed up. Some of your disk tools may no longer be able to access your hard drive with these drivers installed. Seems like nVidia's driver dept is not living up to past standards. Probably because the workforce aren't as happy as they used to be. Check out this link (its an interesting read, so take a look) ...

    NFI - Uttar’s Last GPU Editorial pg4 'NVIDIA'

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