Crashing - WHEA-Logger EventID 18

Okay this is my first time posting, I think I'm doing it correctly. I've gone through the steps at this location:

CPU: i7 920 @ 2.67 GHz
MB: MSi X-58 PRO-E
GPU: 2x EVGA GTX 260
PSU: Rosewill 1000W
OS: Windows 7 Enterprise

When running BF3, about 30-45 minutes in, it all just freezes, no force restart or input recognition. giving about 2 minutes on this idle screen, nothing changes, need to hard reset.

Attempts to fix as per the above link:

1. Updated nVidia, then to Beta, then back to March drivers, same problem recreated itself each time, no difference.

2. Event log shows the title of this thread multiple times at almost every crash.

3. I have a minidump.

4. Installed speedfan, and all voltages are fine

5. first thing I thought was overheating, relocated case, more fans, temps not going above 60c for intense BF3 playing. (before crashing, my system would get to 75 sometimes for short periods without problems)

6. RE the recent changes, I checked the system restore and the points I have wouldn't help, there aren't any before the crashing began (about a week ago)

6(again). I ran Memtest like the instructions say, took quite awhile, zero faults. (I was half asleep, my girlfriend read the monitor and said something close to that)

-Bottom Line-

I hope I didn't miss anything. I'm doing the 0 page allocation and defrag right now, but I don't think that'll be a problem, this computer is on a routine defrag weekly. I'll update if it returns anything out of the norm. I appreciate any assistance!



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The minidump file is corrupt. Turn off that "routine" defrag. It is not necessary and it will only wear out the hard drive faster


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Only one minidump contained data:
Portcls.sys= Problem with the sound driver
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I reinstalled Realtek HD audio from the website and still getting the error, going to reinstall all the mobo stuff, again, to try to get this working.


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Okay, keep us posted. I just did a simple search that pointed to the audio driver, but it is a good idea to re-check all the motherboard drivers
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I should've remembered this issue. When I first got BF3, I had to manually disable my MOBO's onboard Realtek audio, and use my Logitech G930 (builtin sound card) and it worked.

I installed a Creative Audigy 2 ZS card and hooked up to that, and although the mic was extremely finicky (maybe faulty card?) BF3 never crashed. Now I'm back to using just my G930 or soundcard, (no RealTEK) and it's fine. Not 100%, since I haven't BF3'd for over a few hours, but that seemed to of been the problem, I really appreciate the input, Tmagic650!