create dvd from tv recording

By chelseamick
Oct 2, 2007
  1. I wish to copy a recorded tv program recorded from Hauppauge dual DVB-T tv dvd in DVD_Video format using Nero vision but when I try, I get the following error message " Unable to prepare data for recording. Prepare session failed. Transcoding of videos failed."
    The file is marked as movie clip(mpg)
    When I try the same operation recorded from Media center the file is labled Windows Media(dvr-ms)
    The reason i'm using Hauppage software to record is because I'm getting an error message 21 when I use Media center and Microsoft don't appear at the moment to have an answer to this.
    Has anyone any idea what that means or what I am doing wrong
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    I think your problem is related to the copy protection DRM stuff microsoft has in the files media center records. They are basically mpeg2 format, which is great because that is what DVDs use, the problem is likely that Nero can't deal with the copy protection. Not sure why Media Center is complaining too, but I'm not suprised (I ran XP MCE for over a year on a dedicated media center machine).

    There are some plugins that can strip the copy protection out, but they seem to be hit and miss on how well they work with each individual system. I think the place to go to read about those and get them is TheGreenButton forums/website. Plug that into Google and see if you can come up with what you need to remove the DRM crap.
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