Creative Zen Sleek mp3 player drivers for Mac OS

By Acidwinter ยท 4 replies
May 2, 2007
  1. My girlfriend has a Zen Sleek Mp3 player 20gb (non photo). S/n DAP-HD0018

    she also has an iBook with the newest Mac OS on it, and apparently creative doesn't offer a driver for it. I was wondering if anyone knew of a third party driver for this thing or if it is impossible to make. Thanks
  2. halo71

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  3. Acidwinter

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    No that guy is obviously trying to sell the thing. I have checked everywhere and many people say that there is no Mac OS X driver for it. Im just hoping someone made one somewhere since it is a rather popular mp3 player

    by the way, Megadeth RULES!!!
  4. halo71

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    humm, maybe you are right. After a little more looking I didnt really find anything else either. Maybe you should search a little more. I had the same issue with my M$ Zune and Vista recently. I managed to find a some instruction finally for a work around. And it works like a charm now. Go figure, Zune and Vista both made by Microsoft but not compatible!

    btw....Megadeth is my favorite, well second to SRV that is! :D
  5. gregthe1000

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    Sorry, I'm not aware of any drivers for the Creative. It's kind of unfortunate Creative's aren't drag and drop without installing a driver for the product. They obviously made it this way for a reason...
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