Crowdfunded Star Citizen raises over $148 million, but release date has been postponed...

By Cal Jeffrey ยท 72 replies
May 11, 2017
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  1. Quavers

    Quavers TS Rookie

    Historical revisionism?

    During a presentation at BAFTA 2015 (February) Chris Roberts stated that Squadron 42 Episode 1 would be released late 2015, and Star Citizen's commercial release would be in 2016. That presentation was done after all stretch goals were finished, and the game's scope was supposed to be locked in place.

    Here's a screenshot of the slide:; and a link to the full presentation recording:

    If Sq42 manages to release this year (very unlikely) it'll be two years late. Star Citizen itself won't be anywhere near a feature-complete-beta until 4.0 which has no timescale. The game features initially promised for Alpha 3.0 (Gamescom: "hopefully before 19th Dec... this year") will now only arrive in the revised 3.2 (early 2018), while 3.0-light is expected July-onwards.

    Most serious, knowledgeable backers estimate Star Citizen will be release-ready 2019 at the earliest, which puts it minimum 3 years late. Managing scope creep and expectations are not CIG's strong points.
  2. gusticles41

    gusticles41 TS Maniac Posts: 195   +172

    I haven't played it, nor do I know much about it...but how do you figure this? Alpha means the game has a working, basic core concept that allows people to play it.
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  3. Quavers

    Quavers TS Rookie

    CIG announced release timetables for both Squadron 42 and Star Citizen back at BAFTA 2015 - see my above comment.
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  4. NahNood

    NahNood TS Enthusiast Posts: 64   +23

    No, smart was not Derek.
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  5. wiyosaya

    wiyosaya TS Evangelist Posts: 1,935   +764

    Fake news! Provide a reference if it is not.
    And you are basing this on???
    Absolutely - and it does have a working, basic core that allows people to play it. In fact, that core has many features that would be considered part of Star Citizen as opposed to Squadron 42.

    I was thinking the same. Techspot must be in need of advertising revenue so that they can finally implement secure logins on their site.
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  6. davidf

    davidf TS Rookie

    Lol nice click bait title, I imagine a lot of early adopters sighed a huge sigh of relief. It's incorrect to count people who put forth money as investors unless they have a stake in the company or the game which I highly doubt. so definitely more like a preorder. They should have definitely taken the games development in stages but I can understand what happened, Still hopeful this game is everything id like it to be.
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  7. Bothand

    Bothand TS Rookie

    3.0 is scheduled to release July 13th of 2017, You uneducated troll.
    I'm not a fanboi - I just know how to read.
    You clearly have no idea what this company is doing
    & would rather pursue the ad hominem approach to intelligent discussion & debate your types always use..

    But please tell us oh enlightened one, how long an AAAA game takes to make, from the ground up.

    Best of luck with your Scarlett Johansson dreams.
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  8. wiyosaya

    wiyosaya TS Evangelist Posts: 1,935   +764

  9. tankatunku

    tankatunku TS Rookie

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  10. richcz3

    richcz3 TS Member Posts: 22   +9

    This the new Duke Nukem Forever, except Roberts is burning through other peoples monies, not his own. Feature Creep will kill any project, because expectations inevitably will surpass whatever features get implemented.
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  11. Aussietye

    Aussietye TS Rookie

    You can not play or test the game as a whole. You can play a few parts of it. This Alpha that CIG tries to present you is to boost up sales, which it has done at this point. The game has modules that are in alpha not the game as a whole! Although you have to give them credit, how many people sell you the promise of a game then use that money to produce garb and sell you that to make even more profits without giving you any form of time table. I would love to see a developer do this and give its share holders the same info that CiG has given. The company would not last long.
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  12. ForgottenLegion

    ForgottenLegion TS Addict Posts: 145   +133

    DNF and Vapourware come to mind.
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  13. Endyo

    Endyo TS Rookie

    Funding more than double since February 2015. The entire scope of the game increased after that point in time as well. Star Marine was scrapped and revised. Entire studios were created (Foundry 42 Frankfurt) and the whole planetary system wasn't even concepted at this point.

    Regardless, the point here is that this article isn't referencing a slide show from BAFTA two and a half years ago, it's a clickbait title that disregards all actual information about the game. There hasn't been any sort of schedule assigned to the commercial release since all of the studios have gone online and the scope of the game has been locked in. Even now Chris Roberts says he "hopes to release Squadron 42 in 2017." There is nothing definitive because there are no publisher here forcing game releases on a strict schedule. It's finished when it's functional.

    The only definitive source of a release date for any content outside of the minds of producers and management of CIG is here: and even this is subject to change. Anyone that says they are "informed" and give any sort of even vague concept of a release date is, without a doubt, pulling it out of their ***. When you're breaking new ground and essentially reworking an entire game engine, you don't get the luxury of definitive dates or even the assurance that something will work out as planned. If they were at the will of a publisher, we may have seen a 2016 or even 2015 release of a subpar game with none of the content we see developed or currently in development.
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  14. Endyo

    Endyo TS Rookie

    If the game was whole then it wouldn't be an alpha, it would be a beta. That's generally the definition of the terms. An alpha game is unfinished content including bugs and even mechanics that aren't fleshed out. Beta is usually a term reserved for games closer to content complete with functional mechanics so bugs can be worked out and refinement can occur. So Star Citizen is pretty much the definition of an unfinished playable alpha. Sometime down the line it will have all of the core mechanics in place and a good chunk of content and it will go in to beta. Then it will be released commercially sometime after that.

    Also, here's a time table that's been publicly available for a little while now:
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  15. Aussietye

    Aussietye TS Rookie

    For those that do not know Alpha testing is done on a mostly finished game to find bugs and what not before the Beta, Beta is more of a stress test and to help find any remaining bugs. Alpha tests are normally done when the game is close to completion but before beta. Also that link is not a time table it just shows you what has been completed and what is expected in the next month. A time table would show expected dates all the way through completion. We can not say SC is in alpha as it is not remotely close to completion. We also can not say it is in alpha as their is plenty expected to come out that is not even close to testable. A game with certain portions of it in Alpha does not mean the game is in Alpha. It just means those portions are in Alpha.
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  16. Athlonite

    Athlonite TS Enthusiast Posts: 97   +20

    Do you see the little red light blinking in the corner of your eye....... Thats the warning this game is turning into Vapor ware, when it stops blinking everything will be gone......... >poof< .............. just like magic
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  17. kvdjr18

    kvdjr18 TS Rookie

    There is a bunch of new ships and quite a few are already playable in the game. its on 2.6.3 now, but 3.0 is expected this summer. They also expect the new launcher to be complete by 3.0 so you dont re-download the entire 30GB game again. But for an Alpha, its better than a lot of space games already on the market.
  18. Richard H

    Richard H TS Rookie

    Google "Line of Defense Release Date" and read... lets see...well... just about everything.
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  19. JoeBlobers

    JoeBlobers TS Rookie

    As usual, Anti-SC trolls have jumped into it just to spread their prophecies of Doom :)

    To Readers who have no clue about who is Derek Smart, just google him. An indie Dev that messed up eveything he attemped in 20 years and at open war against Chris Roberts since this time.

    CR did delivered always memorable games. DS never. DS does have an agenda against CR and try to create havoc in SC Community shooting lies after lies. Since three years, he said CIG is going bankrupcy in 3 months.... Since 3 years CIG received 90M$ more and 100.000 new backers :)

    CIG is totally under financial control.
    SQ42 (solo game ala Wing Commander) is going to be released by mid-2018 and Star Citizen (MMO) beta by end of 2018.

    Kickstarter for SC ended in Nov. 2012 with 6M$ and 12 people. So by Nov 2017 that will be 5 years. This is coming and major patch are going to be released around July till end of 2017.
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  20. JoeBlobers

    JoeBlobers TS Rookie

    Pretty uneducated comments. CIG is going very well and we are at a year of SQ42 Chapter 1. Star Citizen being an MMO will receiev many contents until Beta. Evrything is fine, nothing to do with project that was not directed by senio managers and +500.000 backers...
  21. JoeBlobers

    JoeBlobers TS Rookie

    DS is a total incompetent and at war against CR. Google DS and you realise how this guy is seek.
  22. JoeBlobers

    JoeBlobers TS Rookie

    False at large. This is not late.
    End of kickstarter: Nov 2012 with 12 people and 6M$... You perfectly know that scope have changed, with full backers support, in 2014. We do have for the price of 1 AAA, 2x AAA. SQ42 Chapter 1 is coming mid-2018. Stop spreading lie.
  23. davislane1

    davislane1 TS Grand Inquisitor Posts: 4,738   +3,757

    I'm familiar with Smart's history. When Star Citizen finally implodes or is severely pruned, he's going to go from being "incompetent" to "powerful Internet sith lord who single handedly destroyed Star Citizen out of jealousy."

    As I've said in every thread about this game, I'd love to see it succeed as advertised. I don't believe it will because there are too many correlating indicators betraying a fundamentally unsound project. If, by some feat of tenacity, Chris Roberts and crew manage to Tom Brady this Frankenstein and turn sliding deadlines and scope creep into an overtime win, I'll happily fork over about $1,000 for the game and top of the line hardware upgrades to experience it in all of its glory. As of now, however, Star Citizen is little more than hope and about $148,000,000 in change.
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  24. DiFiasco

    DiFiasco TS Rookie

    And what did Derek Smart ever accomplish?
  25. DiFiasco

    DiFiasco TS Rookie

    But they are focusing and Squadron 42 is out pretty soon. They have work to show for everything else.

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