Crytek shows off its next-gen game engine, CryEngine 3


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Pre-ordered my copy of Crysis 2 already. I'll just to wait for a few more weeks. I hope that Crytek doesn't disappoint with their lastest release and also that my current gaming config ( 955BE / GTX275 / 8 GB DDR2) is good enough for Crysis 2. If not, I've got my quotation for upgrade parts handy too.


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Saturday said:
It's interesting to me how critical people are. Especially without thinking.

Realize that this is a MULTIPLAYER demo. If you've actually watched any of the gameplay footage from the single player, you'll notice it looks far better than the multiplayer. Multiplayer tends to be scaled way back so it runs better online.

@dcrosenthal: There are far more "things to blow up" than in the Crysis, just by watching the CAMPAIGN gameplay footage.

The whole DX9 vs DX11 debate seems petty as well. You can get amazing quality out of DX9 just by putting effort into. (Anyone here use CCC on the other Crysis games? beats DX10)

If you actually look at the game on a half decent computer, even the multiplayer's textures (at least on player models and and weapons) are better than the original.

Don't complain that you can actually play smooth multiplayer in Crysis.

If anyone tried the Xbox demo as well, it looked like hell. And played like hell. If you've ever looked into CryEngine 3 - more than this video - you'll see that the game was made on a PC, for the PC. The engine allows real time display of what the game looks and plays like on a console. CryEngine 3 creates games once and scales things back appropriately for the consoles. It wasn't made "for consoles."

Grow up, stop judging, and wait for the full game. Especially the single player aspect of it. It's just my opinion but no one really cared about the first two games' multiplayer's anyways. Do you honestly believe that this one's campaign could possibly be worse than the first two?

First off I have played the single player... I wasn't talking about the multiplayer haven't even seen that yet (for some reason I cann't log in all the time, servers are full...) anyway I have played half the game already and I stand by my statements. Crysis 2 plays like Call of Duty. In Crysis 1 you could shoot trees and bring them down! It was awsome. (you cant do this in crysis 2) You could also stick a bunch of explosives in a building and blow it up! ( cant do this in crysis 2 either...) Punch through walls! (not in crysis 2). Crysis 2 seems more stationary like a call of duty game. You ever play Red Faction? (The first one) That game was a first person shooter that should of been implemented into crysis 2. I wanted to be able to at least punch through walls and bring down tents and stuff... Crysis 2 was suppose to offer more... What I have seen it only offers less. Yes I have only seen this in DiretX9 But according to some websites DirectX9 is all they are going to support right now... Their is only 2 weeks before the game comes out and I bet you anything its already in stores its just not on shelves. I use to work at bestbuy and we got games in weeks before they were suppost to be put on shelves so the chance that they are adding anything to it is slim...


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I've played through the game TWICE on the hardcore settings. Saturday is spewing BS. Every setting and copy of the game uses the same textures and models. Nice try buddy but if you'd actually looked at them you would know that.

I can say with the utmost certainty that you're a crytek fanboy who didn't even play the leak and is just judging things based on his opinion. You're just regurgitating stuff that Crytek has said. Maybe you're unaware of this but Crytek is supposed to say things that will get them more sales.

EDIT: I love how you registered just to show us how little you know about the game you love so much. That was really necessary, thanks.