CS:S ingame ~ (mic issues)

By Tramacchi
Aug 22, 2011
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  1. Hey well, I'm running Windows XP (amd), dont think my system info is required just for this, but i do have a sound card/gcard etc...

    The problem I'm having is that my mic will just **** up or not work on Counter Strike It will work on skype on vent etc. It is enabled in the options thing too. I'll go onto a server type in (voice_loopback 1) to see if I'm talking, and all I'll get is either nothing or a fragment of what i said. Then when i repeat this it will do the same or just not work at all. I've looked at (sv_use_steam_voice 0) or replacing the 0 with a 1. Both did not work as far as i can tell.

    I did however get my mic working for 1 day a whole afternoon then the next day i went on and same symptoms of ****. Out of probably 30 servers i have only found one that my mic will actually stay working (just cuts out a lot and is really really bad quality on). The server i am mainly on is BFG and my mic does screw up on this. I have got a new mic however that is not the problem as far as I'm concerned due to my old one doing the exact same.

    Any tips/fixes or anything will be much appreciated, again I'm almost certain its not a control panel setting or my computer. I think its a steam setting/bug or something.


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