Cyrix 5x86 and Cyrix 6x86: Gone But Not Forgotten


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My family's first Windows PC was an Acer Aspire, powered by a Cyrix 100Mhz cpu. It had 8MB of RAM, a 1GB HDD and 1MB of onboard video memory.

We eventually upgraded it to 32MB of RAM and I put in a 4MB Diamond Monster Voodoo card. I still have many fond memories of that computer.


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The company's marketing strategy was never great before the National Semiconductor merger, and AMD would repeat the same mistakes with Athlon and Sempron processors in the 2000s.

These were labeled as to indicate that they were faster than an Intel processor, while operating at a lower clock speed, but that didn't always translate well in benchmarks or real-world performance tests. AMD dropped that scheme, but suffice to say, things remain a bit confusing to this day.

Errrr.... AMD compared the whole PR rating against it's own CPU's. It was never aimed at Intel but coincidencely it did perform better as a Intel Pentium (4).. The PR rating was there because pure clockspeeds did'nt cut it. We had IPC and people where so small-minded thinking a 3Ghz Pentium 4 must have bin faster against a 2400 Athlon XP or so.

The Cyrix CPU's where good "business" or "office" type of CPU's and fared very well but lacked true FPU power compared to Intel or AMD, which lacked them of running games well such as quake that required good FPU.

I owned one too. PR200, internally running at 166Mhz. A simple OC to 183Mhz would yield a PR233, and even back then a simple increase of 13Mhz would mean the world in some apps or games. They where a great value, but coud'nt cut it against the ongoing rival of both AMD and Intel.
They were indeed incredible CPUs. I used them almost exclusively back in the day. AMD was my 2nd favorite to Cyrix. It was back during a time when you could think out of the box and come up with a lower cost alternative that didn't adhere to the "standard".

I miss those days.


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I did have a Cyrix 6x86 PR166+ in my first personal computer back in 1997, then it was replaced by an AMD Athlon 1800+ a few years later.


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I recently picked up an old Acer system with a Cyrix 6x86. System needs some work but it is still functional.