DDR, will CL2.5 work with CL3?

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Mar 29, 2006
  1. Hi all, i just bought another 512MB DDR to add to the other 512MB DDR i already have, both PC3200, but when i put it in the 2nd bank, it still recognises only 512MB, so i switched the new memory to first bank and removed the old module to see if its working, however, if i ctrl-alt-del from bios, i get 3 bleeps, which i think means base 64k ram failure, but apart from that, seems to work fine. the only difference i can see between the 2 modules is 1 is CL2.5, and the other is CL3, would this cause this to happen?

  2. Spike

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    Hopefully, this post will tell you what you want to know.
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    Good thing I read this.

    So I've got a different question:

    I've got some super OC ram (Corsair PC4500) and I've got alot of PC2700 RAM around.

    Now, I'm going to do something REALLY stupid, by mixing both of these :D

    The 4500 is Cl2.5, and the 2700 is CL2.0. Currently, the 4500 is set to 2700, and overclocked from there to 2x222mhz (or thereabouts). What do you guys think will happen if I added the 2700, and overclocked? :D
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    you answered your own question :haha:

    I doubt it will work...but it would not hurt to try i suppose. Why would you want the 2700 anyways? How much of it do you have?
  5. CMH

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    I've got.... 4x512mb of those :D

    At one time I wanted to keep all my components in all 3 comps standard. Which meant that the 2 newer comps had to have the same ram as my older comp.

    Oh well.

    BTW, its not really stupid, I don't mind getting more ram. Its just that it'll probably kill the speed instead of upgrading it.

    Too bad my mobo won't change the latencies. Would've been so much better....
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