DDR2 video card on a DDR3 mainboard?

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Apr 17, 2013
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  1. I got myself a new mainboard that is based on the ATX DDR3 AMD standard. But I also thought that the old NVIDIA Sparkle (GTX260--896MB) that is based on the DDR2 internal memory set still would work since the connector on the card is PCI-express. Does the DDR2 memory (896MB DDR internal graphics memory) stop the communication with the DDR3 mainboard? Its a bit unfear since this was not the case between DDR1 up to DDR2. Why has there come up such a brickwall between DDR2 and DDR3. Or am I wrong?
  2. slh28

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    I think you're confusing system RAM with video RAM, they're separate things. What's the model of your motherbaord? If it has a PCI-E slot your GTX 260 should work.
  3. Espen Antonsen

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    OK! I just was reading about the specific settings of the video ram. Not the main ram of the mainboard. I was reading about this in another forum about that the videoram is also set to DDR2 on this graphics card and not DDR3. Anyway I may have understood it wrong. I have an ASUS M5 A97 R2.0. This is the AM3+ and has 2 PCIe expansion slots.

    I have tried both of the slots. The graphics card require its own electrisity and the PSU I have is a 550 W PSU. I have put on an AMD FX 3,1 Ghz with 8 cores processor that require up to 125W. So I hope it is enough electrisity left for the graphics card. Im not sure how much wattage the grapic card require. But I think its around 60 to 100 W. The ASUS M5 can take max 142 W. Maybe the graphics-card is faulty or what?
  4. Espen Antonsen

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    Here are some pictures of the PC and the card

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  5. MrBlkfx1

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    Yeah, as slh28 pointed out - I think you're confusing DDR3 RAM with your VRAM.
    Anyways, Is the card not working? What leads you to believe the card may be faulty? ​
  6. Espen Antonsen

    Espen Antonsen TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The graphics card does not react. The FAN does not start going when turning on the power. All other fans starts up. On the earlyer PC I had this card on it started immediately. But it could also be the mainboard also on this new one. Any suggestions?
  7. slh28

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    Might be obvious but just make sure you:
    • Insert the GPU into the first PCI-E slot (the blue one)
    • Make sure the GPU is properly seated, should feel and hear a distinctive click
    • The GTX 260 should use 2x 6 pin connectors so make sure those are connected from the power supply.
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