Dell 1908fpc monitor not working right

By Aximilator
Jul 15, 2010
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  1. Hello All, again
    I got a dell monitor from a friend because he got a different one because this one wont work. It is a Dell 1908FPC and i plug it into my laptop and i turn on the power.
    When it turns on i can see my background so i know it works but after 3 seconds it stops displaying. The green power on led turns orange so i am guessing that it goes into power save or standby mode for no reason. It does this every time. why is it doing this. I know it is not my laptop not working, so it has got to do with the monitor. I tried changing the input from analog to auto to digital, none of them work. It does not work on any other pc either. It either does that or it displays my background for 3 seconds but then it stops displaying it but it is not in power save mode it just is black.

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