Dell BIOS Password Removal

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Dec 31, 2004
  1. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie

    Hi, Sam. Yes, I am still here on GOD's green earth, but at 75, I am already 5 years on HIS time, and no guarantees of for how much longer!
  2. tommy2

    tommy2 TS Rookie

    Hey guays I need little help on my Dell D610 is already unlock , but I am confuse trying to program bios again ,so after typing my service tag JX3FL71- it should be 595B OR D35B or it does not matter any coments will apreciate thank you...
  3. simon104

    simon104 TS Rookie

    my tag is #B1T9K0J-595B can you help me? no method works shorts either help!!
  4. simon104

    simon104 TS Rookie

    dell inspiron 8200 when i did the shorts **** manufacturing mode [FF]***** comes up and then I pressed F2 why there is no message F2 bios set-up why the short-cuts don't work?

    thank you all for replay but it still doesn't work
    does anybody know why [FF] mode comes up instead of [01]?
    please help
  5. tommy2

    tommy2 TS Rookie

    Thank you Mr Plainkey yes you are correct but when I turn it on it boots onthe manufacturing mode lavel 01 than to windows and I will like to remove that and make it boot yes like a regular laptop if posible thank you again....

    ZWERVER TS Rookie Posts: 55

    Dell latitude d610 administrator password

    I bought a second hand laptop and I havent got the administrator password. When I turn it on, I get the message to give a password. My tag is #6TRS32J - 595B
    Can someone please help me with a software to crack this password or something else that can solve this problem.

    Thanks in advance
  7. Spike

    Spike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,168

    Could I just post a friendly reminder NOT to post your email address in the forum.

    If you want people to email you, that is what the option in your profile is for. Posting your email address is likely to earn you spam, as this is a public board.
  8. mike080365

    mike080365 TS Rookie

    @rustam_ : Pls help

    Hi rustam_

    I guess the way, how I got in trouble with the password, is quite common.
    Maybe my story is a warning for others. So it might be a good idea to post it here:

    I did not set any passwords in my BIOS. I never did that, because I was afraid to forget the password. I took my notebook with me on train trip last week. I shared the train cabin with a bunch of teenagers, because there was no other place available in the train. I took the notebook out of the pocket and switched it on, because I wanted to work a bit, but before I finally logged into Windows, I decided to see the restroom first. I left the laptop on the seat and went to restroom. When I came back after a few minutes, I found the notebook, as I had left it, with the Windows login wating for me. I logged in and worked. Everything was fine.

    The next day, when I switched on the notebook again, it asked me for a bios password. I guess those teenagers in the train set a bios password, while I was on the restroom. I am a stupid...

    There are two lessons I learned from that:
    1) Allways protect your notebook with a bios password
    2) Never leave your notebook unattended with teenagers

    Now I hope you can help me out.
    The Notebook is a D610 and the code is BQ0852J-595B

    THX in advance,


  9. rustam_

    rustam_ TS Rookie

    that laptop is below of 3 month from shipping date and it already selled as second hand with primary password? You must reassign of ownership to yourself with DELL and ask DELL for master password. Thats all I can say for this story.
  10. rustam_

    rustam_ TS Rookie

    I've get surprised, your laptop was not disappear at all, however, if you live in civilized country... Anyway astonished, its so expensive thing. But see the private message.
  11. magicmobile

    magicmobile TS Rookie

    thank for your help my laptop is unlocked now but it has hdd locked there is any free solution to unlock thid hdd service tag is 204DMHSVXJF-595B

  12. magicmobile

    magicmobile TS Rookie

  13. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie

    Not from me. If rustam will not help you, the only other hope is at spam link removed for $49.50USD and not for all drives. They have a Diagnostic that will tell you for free whether they can clear the password before you pay
  14. mike080365

    mike080365 TS Rookie

    thank you so much

    Thanks for the quick response. Works like a charm.
    Thanks 1000 times. I am so happy ... :)
    If there is anything I could do for you, pls let me know.

  15. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    This thread is being closed due to the following reasons.

    It has gotten so large that it is becoming increasingly difficult to read. Add the fact that most, if not all the information required is already there, we feel that it`s time to close it, before it gets completely out of contol.

    We`d like to thank all the members who have contributed to this thread. Especially Paragon33 and Ididmyc600.

    If anyone has further information, or questions, we suggest opening a new thread.

    Regards Howard

    (February 2009)

    Read: Dell Bios Password removal. Read this first BEFORE posting.

    Regards Kim :)
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