Dell BIOS Password Removal

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Jun 24, 2006
  1. golfman

    golfman TS Rookie

    I forgot to supply my express service tag. Here it is:

    Express service tag is: 4599942928
  2. wangfei

    wangfei TS Rookie

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  3. Benn

    Benn TS Rookie

    Hi Rustam

    Got a free Dell D610 laptop for attending a timeshare sales weekend.
    When returned home and turned on, the grey screen asking for a password displays.

    Service Tag: 9BGWG11
    Express Code: 20284556861

    Can you help?
    Thank you.

  4. TurtleyEnuff

    TurtleyEnuff TS Rookie

    Hello all....I also find myself stuck with a door stop Dell Inspiron asking for a bios password. 2vv9771-595B Service Tag 2vv9771. Was the wife's....she ran off with the milkman or somebody (who cares). I got the laptop....good trade huh? Neither one wants to work.

    Express Service Code (If needed) 6280513453

    TJSATAN TS Rookie

    Hi I also own a dell d610 which is more like a dell paperweight. I have tried the latitude.exe and the files, neither work... I also downloaded several other files called latitude.exe one of which was a nasty virus. Anyway I found this thread and there seems to be hope that someone can help me.

    When the pc boots it says
    This computer system, #Q1P2X**595B, is protected by a
    password authentication. You cannot access the data
    on this computer without the correct password.

    On the bottom of the pc I found stickers that say;
    Service Tag D391D81 Express Service Code 28494749233

  6. bgt420wp

    bgt420wp TS Rookie

    after an hour of strippin down parts of my new laptop i finally got passed the BIOS pass.. first time taking apart a laptop took me awhile to find that litle chip.
    this really helped out
    link removed
    download the PDF manual to learn how to bypass BIOS password

    TJSATAN TS Rookie

    The paperclip method worked for my D610!

    After countless hours of mucking around with and latitude.exe, and even getting a virus on my desktop downloading files called

    The dellstrip.pdf was usefull however the pc in the pdf file was different than mine. I had to completly strip down the laptop and search for the 24co2 chip with no guide. I found a similiar chip near the Bios battery that was marked
    24lco4b. It was the only chip on the entire MB that had 24 or CO on it.
    The chip was unaccessable with the MB in the metal frame. Since the chip has to be shorted while the pc is running, it was necessary to break a very small piece of the frame with some pliers. (not visible when pc is assembled)
    I partially assembled the pc with the bottom plastic cover removed, shorted the chip with a paperclip at points 3 and 6 and booted up. The screen said manufacturing level 001
    press fn-X to return to normal operating mode
    I do not yet have a hard drive caddy for this pc but it is booting the windows disk without a hitch. Now that it seems to work I think I will go get a hdd caddy and install windows.

    Thanks for the tip.
  8. Ididmyc600

    Ididmyc600 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,415



    To both the previous posters, well done for being the only ones so far to actually take on the challenge and remove the password via the short method, kudos to you both.

    Let this be a lesson on how easy it is to do it, after all I did it, and paragon33 does it all the time.

    It made me feel real good when I did mine , so much so that I chose a username to reflect it.


    Judslat aka ididmyc600
  9. asger

    asger TS Rookie

    hi there pls am looking bios password for dell d610 i cannot excess my laptop at all pls help me i tried to open but failed to see the bios pls give a a solution or what code to use to bypass the c-mos password my e-mail is email removedmy cell is phone number removed and am also a registered user of techspot pls get back to me thanx alot good day
  10. mebl

    mebl TS Rookie

    Hello everyone. I'm new on this site and I am requesting someone to help me out with a Dell Latitude D620. I'm having issues with the Bios password...I'm getting "#9472B2J-595B is protected by a password authentication system." Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    Here is my e-mail: email removed

    I really don't know what to do since I've data inside that I have to retieve!!!!! please help me

  11. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,742   +421

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