Dell Dimension 2400: DVD-ROM not working

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Jan 4, 2010
  1. Dell Dimension 2400: What DVD drive can I get?

    Edit: Ok, so I need a new DVD Drive. I have no idea what I can get that can go in my Dell Dimension 2400. If you need to, read my post below mailup's.

    Information: I have a Dell Dimension 2400 PC2700. I have updated it to 1.25G RAM and added a Nvidia GeForce 6200 Graphics Card. All other hardware, however, (including my DVD/CD-ROM) are still the standard ones that come with the Dell.

    My problem: I never used my computer for DVDs, and when I bought Sims 3 and tried installing it, the DVD/CD-ROM drive wouldn't read it. I'm thinking it's probably because the game is in a DVD-ROM disc and my drive simply can't read them since all my other games have been CD-ROM. However, when I check in the Device Manager under the "Properties" of My Computer it clearly says "DVD/CD-ROM Drive." I tried updating it and checking to see if was disabled or recently changed but I got no results. I haven't used it for DVDs before, so have no point of reference as to what I might've accidentally done to mess it up. What should I try to get results? Also, in the event that there is no hope and that I need to buy a new drive, which one(s) are going to be the ones compatible with my computer and able to play DVD-ROMs?
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    The way I see it is either the drive is not a DVD drive or it is and something is wrong with the DVD laser. Either way you need a new drive.

    You need to look for an IDE DVD drive. There many to choose from including DVD burners or just DVD readers.
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    Ok, now what DVD drive can I get?

    Ok thanks. Then if someone who added a DVD-ROM to their Dell Dimension 2400 could give me some information on the DVD drive they bought or the size it would need to be, it'd be much appreciated. I've searched online, but haven't gotten any useful information. There's not a lot of inquiries for a DVD drive just a lot of hard drive ones, so it tends to muddy up the search results with that stuff. Anyways, if someone could help me out... Thanks!
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  5. FeistyKitty

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    I've ordered, and the new dvd drive is officially on its way. It'll get here in two days. Haha. Thanks alot. You've been lots of help.
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