Dell Dimension 3000 - Suggestions for Graphics Upgrade

By randyh · 120 replies
Jul 20, 2005
  1. teentech

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    all you have to do is look at how fast of ram you have and that will tell you
  2. AtK SpAdE

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    On that 133mhz fsb, dual channel is not possible

    Im was saying that you can not change the FSB in BIOS.
  3. teentech

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    **** that really sucks
  4. tOnY05

    tOnY05 TS Rookie

    New To Forum

    Hey everyone. I'm new 2 this forum. I just wanted to say not 2 give up hope on ur Dimension 3000 just yes. When I ordered mine they tried to tell me that I couldn't edit my videos or play games. I told the lady flat out thats not true cuz i was doin it on a Gateway at 500mhz (i know). That shut her up. Anyway she told me I couldn't upgrade. HAHAHA! She must've thought I was stupid. Here's my system:

    Dimension 3000
    P4 3.0 GHz with Hyper-Threading
    512 Mb RAM
    DELL 15" E153FP Flat Panel display (couldn't pass up the free upgrade)
    80 Gb Hard drive
    Creative Sound Blaster Live! 5.1
    HP DVD Writer 630 (dual layer,all formats, 16x burn)
    ATX Black Case with blue LEDs and Alien Fan grills
    1 120mm fan, 5 80mm fans, and one fan i put on my gpu
    ATI Radeon 9250 256Mb Graphics Card -->newest edition. just put on this week!

    I must say this comp holds its own when I play games with ths IST gang and friends. It might not be any XPS but what do u expect for a bottom model PC. I think I made some nice upgrades to it. The graphics card is the best touch though. This thing is AMAZING for only being PCI card. If you ever played F.E.A.R. its a pretty damn demanding game graphically. Now I can't run it on all maxed settings, but there are few cards out that can. Unless u spend as much on ur card as u did ur 3000, and it wouldn't be compatable anyway cuz they're all goin pci-express. I had to post though when i saw people who share the same system i do and esp when i saw people happy with their Radeon 9250 cards. Its def one of the best PCI cards out there for the price (last I saw around $100, I got mine for $40) If anyone knows how much RAM the motherboard can hold I'd greatly appreciate if you told me. Thanks!
  5. neon3008

    neon3008 TS Rookie

    Dell dimension 3000 tv out card ?

    Hi all not sure if im posting in the right section?

    Anyways i have a dell dimension 3000 and all i want to do is play films from my harddrive to my tv.

    my tv is a rear projector and has s-video scart ect

    i only use my pc for web Browsing and watching films and never for games, Would this card be sufficient for what I want?
  6. ColdFusion1990

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    He's right; no way will BF2 work on my 2400 Dell Dimension either. But.... I am dang surprised at the fact that my computer can play all of the Steam games with a constant 40fps, especially on Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike Source, and Day of Defeat Source. I really want a new motherboard and stuff. But with Dells, you can’t get an entirely new motherboard with AGP or PCI-Express that will harbor your old processor. You'll need a new processor if you want to upgrade your graphics card. I think you need entirely new memory if you want a PCI-Express motherboard too.
    Dell Dimension 2400
    2.8 GHZ Processor P4
    1024 MB of memory-didn't come with computer
    160 GB HD-didn't come with computer
    ATI Radeon 9250 256mb PCI-didn't come with computer
    POS CRT Monitor
  7. vnf4ultra

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    2gb, 1gb per slot, of ddr400(or ddr333).

    No, that card is agp, and your 3000 doesn't have an agp slot. You need a pci card, like this.

    Yes you can, I've done it, several manufacturers make motherboards that can be made to work in a dell. The board just has to be a micro atx, socket 478, and have an agp slot.
  8. neon3008

    neon3008 TS Rookie

  9. derbyd137

    derbyd137 TS Rookie

    OH BOY !! I too have a Dimension 3000. The bottom line on the video upgrade is on bootup the bios was writen to look for onboard or agp. And of course theres no agp slot. So it ignores pci video. I have tried everything and its down to changing the motherboard. Unless someone out there has had the same problem and found a way around it. I sure would like to know. But I think thats what you may have to end up doing.
  10. tOnY05

    tOnY05 TS Rookie


    right not i'm on my vaio. but when i get home i'll look and see what my bios says. i don't remember it lookin for an agp slot though. i have an ati radeon 9250 with 256 ddr memory (awesome pci card by the way) and i just installed the card and the drivers and i was fine. i'll get back 2 u on what my bios said then when i'm done classes. good luck!
  11. neon3008

    neon3008 TS Rookie

    i hope it doesn`t ignore the pci? otherwise i just wasted £40 on this card
    vnf4ultra would be interested in your thoughts on this one?
  12. obsession

    obsession TS Rookie

    I read all of message in this post.

    I have dell dimension 3000 since one year.
    It Celeron :mad:

    256mg ram
    intel extreme graphics integred :mad:

    I speak french so i try to write in english.

    I wait for my 1gig memory. Tomorow my order arrive.

    But my question is about video card. I find 3 computer store in Ottawa have
    radeon PCI 9250 256mg ddr
    which is better for my computer upgrade?

    PowerColor ATI Radeon 9250 PCI 256MB DDR TV-Out DVI Retail 135.00$

    The Saphire Radeon 9250 256MB DDR PCI - $95.00

    i don't have the exactly name of third card (109$), i ask it by email.

    Do you think the price 135$ it's because the mark 'ATI' and video out (i don't need that)

    This two card it is the exactly make same job? and better of my actual videocard integred

    I hope my question is understanding.

  13. vnf4ultra

    vnf4ultra TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,388

    You want to get the one with a 128bit memory interface, as they will be faster than a 64bit card. Brand doesn't make much difference.
  14. Catriel1975

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    I need help with a Graphic Card Issue!!

    I have a Dell Dimension 3000 Processor Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz
    Processor Speed 2.92 GHz
    Memory (RAM) 512 MB
    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    Operating System Version 5.1.2600
    With a Intel 82865 Graphic card
    I Just recently tried installing the new Elder Scrolls Oblivion 4 game to find out my video card didnt work with it.

    So since i am is a list of graphic card options The elder scrolls website says i could use with the game I need to know which one of these is the best one for a dell dimension 3000 and perhaps if anyone can give me an idea how to install a video card that would be great beacuse apparently reading this forum it does not have a AGP slot so i have to get a PCI card or something help i want to play my game

    Q: What are the supported video cards for Oblivion?

    A: Oblivion for PC supports the following video cards/chipsets:

    * ATI X1900 series
    * ATI X1800 series
    * ATI X1600 series
    * ATI X1300 series
    * ATI X850 series
    * ATI x800 series
    * ATI x700 series
    * ATI x600 series
    * ATI Radeon 9800 series
    * ATI Radeon 9700 series
    * ATI Radeon 9600 series
    * ATI Radeon 9500 series
    * NVIDIA GeForce 7800 series
    * NVIDIA GeForce 6800 series
    * NVIDIA GeForce 6600 series
    * NVIDIA GeForce 6200 series
    * NVIDIA GeForce FX series (5700 or above)
  15. Akifuddin

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    Catriel1975, I don't think a PCI slot can have any of those except the FX5700 (I think)

    Here! An FX5700LE:

    I don't think you should get it because it has 64-bit memory. By the way, just because some other cards are not supported doesn't mean they won't work. It means you won't get any support if you're having problems. Instead get the FX5500, it has 128-bit memory and higher speed. The one I'm listing has 256MB of 128-bit memory, 270mhz core clock and 400mhz memory clock which is PRETTY good.

    EDIT: A MIRACLE HAS HAPPENED FOR THE PCI USERS!!!(Not really but well, it helps)
    I was looking at the reviews for the 3D Fuzion Geforce FX5500 and I realized someone posted that at bestbuy, they sell a PCI 6200 (350mhz core clock, 410mhz memory clock and 256mb of what I think is 128-bit memory. It's a BFG brand which is obviously factory-overclocked.

    So yeah, all PCI users who are in need of a new video card, this is THE best one at the moment.
  16. vnf4ultra

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    Yeah, the 6200 pci is one of the few pci's that can "run" newer games. I mentioned it in this thread quite a while ago as evidenced by my quote.
  17. Catriel1975

    Catriel1975 TS Rookie

    Does a Dell Dimension 3000 have PCI or PCI express for Graphic Cards

    Does a Dell Dimension 3000 have PCI or PCI express for Graphoc Cards
  18. vnf4ultra

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  19. Akifuddin

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    What is afaik?
  20. vnf4ultra

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    As Far As I Know
  21. cyberdyno

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  22. cyberdyno

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  23. Greenmachine

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    It does suck that Dell Dimension 3000's don't have an AGP slot. It appears that Dell's only come with AGP from Dimensions 4100 and up. This of course does not include the "S" models, ex. 4500S, because they do not have an AGP slot either.

    For Dimension 3000s I have to agree about the FX5500 PCI cards. I have heard some good things about them, so long as you do not do a lot of gaming. Just make sure as others have said to get the 128-bit memory interface, retailers can be kind of tricky.
  24. vnf4ultra

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  25. triforce

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    One thing I think you guys are forgetting... The card specs (for the 6200) say that you should have at least a 300watt power supply while the dimension 3000 only has a 250watt one. It might work but it also might just cause headaches unless you pick up a new psu as well.
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