Dell Latitude E5470 Video Issues

Hey everyone. So I'm having a weird issue with my Dell Latitude E5470 Windows 10 laptops' video, but I have a theory or idea on what the issue is.

So randomly, after several months of using it, the video started going haywire with geometric distortions that make the screen mostly unreadable.
I did some troubleshooting and found that the issue only occurs when booted to an OS that has the official Intel Display Drivers actively running.
The video is fine in safe mode, normal mode when updated Display drivers are installed, and other bootable live OS's that don't use the Intel drivers.

I've already tried doing a fresh reinstall of Windows 10 to rule out any OS issues and the issue is still ongoing.
I've also gone through the Dell Onboard Preboot Diagnostics and ran the screen and CPU tests and they've both ran fine.
There are cracks in the screen bezel at the top left and right corners, so I thought it might be a screen issue, but the screen test ran fine like I said. And the screen works fine in other modes like I said above.

I also found the Windows Update will automatically install the Dell display driver as soon as it gets an internet connection, so I've had to keep the internet off while troubleshooting sometimes.

My only conclusion is that, since knowing that the graphics processing is done on the CPU, the GPU/CPU is malfunctioning and somehow causing this.
Now this is only a theory, but this is the only one I can come up with know the symptoms.

Now I'd rather not buy another CPU and rip open the laptop to replace it, but it's the only options I can see right now.

Is this theory sound? Or am I missing something?

This looks like a hardware flaw instead of a software failure. I would like to know if you bought it new or refurbished from a third party rebuilder. I too had a Dell E5740 that I bought from a company called PC Liquidations. It is an older machine with good characteristics. Being older, its likely that it originally came with windows 7 or even Vista. Which means that it was upgraded somehow to windows 10. I upgraded the one that I bought myself and had to go to the Intel website itself to get the latest driver. It had Intel's 530 hd graphics card and I came to find out that the same card was used in later versions of the same machine and others, and I downloaded the latest version of the driver for the GPU from intel's website. The results were excellent. It could be that the driver you are using is a generic windows 10 graphics driver that automatically installs when you upgrade to 10. Try downloading the latest Intel hd 530 driver from Intel's website, or Dell's, which has an Intel graphics driver with a release date of 13April2022. But like I said, it looks like hardware which means I would check the cable that runs to the lcd and the inverter from the motherboard and see if it needs changing because of loose or frayed wires, although judging by what you say that it works all right with other os's that may not be the case either. Anyway a fresh driver from Intel or Dell won't hurt. By the way, being an older machine it won't upgrade to windows 11 or 12 when it comes out. Windows 10 will continue to be supported by Microsoft until October 2025, just under 2 more years.
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