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Dell hard drive password removal

By KDante · 213 replies
Oct 27, 2006
  1. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Did you try "smellyalater" as the password?
  2. splitpin2008

    splitpin2008 TS Rookie

    the program i used <unpacker> doesnt accept password protected files... any idea of one that does?
  3. hi2kay

    hi2kay TS Rookie

    Hi! Any please help me, as i'am new here. I have dell latitude d620 i need the password for it. PLEASE IF ANYONE CAN HELP.....

    i get a grey screen asking for system or administer password and press enter.

    Thank you
  4. mr.coolman

    mr.coolman TS Rookie

    Help Me !!!!!!
  5. dweebdogg

    dweebdogg TS Rookie

    I did option 1 (formating the whole drive) - but now my 60 GB drive says it's only 2 gb large?

    Edited by Moderator: Removed quote. There`s no need to quote the post directly above your own, unless you`re only replying to a specific section, in which case you would only quote that section. ;)
  6. evvstyle

    evvstyle TS Rookie

    I did call dell, and they told me to reset the jumpers (which i do not know where / even how to do) so, much help that was. And the background of why it is like this really isnt your business, but if you must know i lent it to my best friend "brother" so he could type out this report, and never returned it. And after all the court appearances i finally got it back like this.
  7. mscrx

    mscrx TS Rookie Posts: 310

    lol sorry but not even the coffee makers at dell would tell to reset a latitude d820 with jumpers... but yeah right, it is not my business.

    it so funny to read the bios pw stories here. anyways wish you good luck with getting the pw resetted. maybe you find some useful information here:


    or some of the guys with the pw generators help you out. be aware that some of them charge you for that...

  8. alidabiri

    alidabiri TS Rookie Posts: 441

    try this:
    get a win-98 boot disk from here www.bootdisk.com
    boot your system with this disk.
    do fdisk
    delete the partition that's already there
    create partition
    turn machine off
    format the drive
    then install xp or whatever.
  9. Tweet

    Tweet TS Rookie

    Were is the epprom chip

    I looked on the above site, and looked under the XPS models for the pic to show me were the chip is, so that I may short it out. The problem is. the pic that is posted is not the XPS m140. That pic shows both memory slots in the same place, and the chip on the side of the memory slots. On the XPS m140, you have one slot under the keyboard, and the 2nd on the bottom of the laptop. If anyone has shorted this model or has the knows the way to the chip, please help me get there!!! Or if i over looked the right pic on the site, please show me the correct pic, thanks again all!!
  10. pcuser

    pcuser TS Rookie

    Hi everybody...

    I have the same problem with a Dell Notebook Latitud D600...
    System protected by a password authentication...
    Computer system code is #GDM8P41-595B...

    I need help whit this...

    Thanks for all your help...
  11. splitpin2008

    splitpin2008 TS Rookie

    sussed it!

    ive sussed it, finally i can get the most out of my laptop!
    i could boot it up, but couldnt change things in the bios, now all is well!
    cheers all, and with out having to flash the chip by paperclip!
  12. c8cker

    c8cker TS Rookie


    Could anybody help me i have just got a dell latitude c640 and as a password on the hard drive
    service tag C6PRL0J
    service code 265-274-624-35
    HARD DISC #63063FC9778-595B
    any ideas ?
  13. c8cker

    c8cker TS Rookie

    Latitude c640 password

    could any one please help mp with getting a password for the hard dive in my latitude c640
    service tag C6PRL0J
    HARD DISC #63063FC9778-595B
  14. Traud

    Traud TS Rookie

    I never see that model you must open laptop and serch epp 24xx its easy to serch
  15. AlbertLionheart

    AlbertLionheart TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,026

    If this is the password in the operating system (to boot into windows for example) then how to extract it will depend on the version of windows - please tell us.
    If this is Dell password you need to contact Dell.
  16. Tweet

    Tweet TS Rookie

    Dose anyone know were this chip is on this laptop, please help me!!
  17. c8cker

    c8cker TS Rookie

    it ask's for the hard drive password as soon as you power it on ive tried botting from a cd but no joy dell dont want to help as im not the original owner got the master password and the back door password but still no joy
  18. soft_me

    soft_me TS Rookie

    Predator25 Help me i have a DELL D620

    i have a probleme with my laptop DELL latitude D620, it's locked, i need the BIOS MASTER PASSWORD , the service tag is : 76DF72J-595B

    please help me i have to finish my memory that i start it, and it steel in the hard drive !
    thank you in advance , and excuse " i know , my english is poor "
    thank you !
  19. dbpk

    dbpk Banned

    hi, did u see here? : http://www.download.centre4service.com/home.html
  20. dbpk

    dbpk Banned

    u can see here : http://www.download.centre4service.com/home.html
  21. hi2kay

    hi2kay TS Rookie

    Dell Latitude D620

    Hi! Please Rustam or anybody else help me! I bought this Dell Latiude D620 from Ebay, and it has a grey screen keep saying please enter system or admin password etc... I can't log into the system! I have contacted the seller he has not replied back, now Ebay tells me he is no longer Registerd with Ebay so i just lost my money!!!! PLEASE IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME, I BOUGHT THIS FOR MY STUDIES AND I CAN'T AFFORD ANOTHER LAPTOP I'AM A STUDENT. PLEASE IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME!!!

    The service key is #CLX303J-595B

    I have taken the cmos battery but no luck.

    Thank you
  22. hi2kay

    hi2kay TS Rookie


    Please let me know if you have a master password for it.

    Thank you
  23. PCSoluciones

    PCSoluciones TS Rookie

    Hello, this is my first post here...I need help , please if anybody knowks...tell me , i have a DELL Inspiron 8000, but it has a passsword , ( e-bay)..The tag number is: #GJ67D01-595B...and i don´t know how to unlock it.
    Please ..i will apreciated this for life..
    my e-mail: email removed
  24. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783


    Have you removed the laptop battery and the CMOS Battery ( It is located in the small closure inside the battery door) ?

    If you remove it, leave it off for few minutes, put the main battery back in ( not CMOS).

    Press and hold CTRL while you press the power button. The Main memory should clear up the password and let you in the BIOS.
  25. hi2kay

    hi2kay TS Rookie

    Hi Bushwhacker! I have removed the CMOS Battery no luck with that. When you say located in the small closure inside the battery door.. do you mean the main battery?

    Thank you Sir
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