Dell Inspiron 1100 won't turn on

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Nov 20, 2005
  1. barafizzil

    barafizzil TS Rookie

    i have a similar problem but in my own case, only the battery LED keeps blinking orange and green. and the system doesnt power up
  2. jusspitti

    jusspitti TS Rookie

    Inspiron 710m same problem

    I have a Inspiron 710m unit, that is having problems for turning on, I have to insist a lot then it suddenly start booting and every seems perfect.

    I will try to check if it is a touchpad issue as well, because I can not imagine what else can be, I am sure is not the button nor the battery, I was thinking today maybe it is the cmos battery, but computers turn on even if the battery is depleted... So I will try to disconnect the touchpad, the thing I don't understand is why do I have to break anything, I would think that unpluggin or replacing the touchpad would do the trick...
  3. jlmacdonald

    jlmacdonald TS Rookie

    Dell 1100 Power up / Touch Pad? or Sensor in LCD LID

    I followed all of the recommended steps to get to the touch pad - Unplugged - and plugged it back in. Reinstalled everything that I removed. Then hit the power button! came up with no problems :D I powered it off and left the lid open and rebooted it with no problems :grinthumb Powered it off and left the lid open. My wife came home and saw that it was opened and closed it :( So - when I opened the lid and hit the power button - No power up :blackeye: So - I am trying to determine if I need a new touch pad? :rolleyes: That seemed to work when I had uplugged it / and replugged it back in. I did not see where the sensor or magnets where on the lid? so when you close the lid when it's powered on it would go into hibernate mode:confused: Has someone taken pictures of this? I've looked thru the factory service manual and do not see it called out anywhere in the documentation
  4. jlmacdonald

    jlmacdonald TS Rookie

    Dell 1100 Inspiron Won't Turn on

    Update - Located a replacement Touch Pad on E-bay for $2.99 plus shipping of $7.99 - Part arrived and I removed old/original - and installed the new one! Installed everything back into lap top - powered system on with no problems! fixed my problem. Thanks for the tips on troubleshooting my problem - It resolved them and I now have a lap top again.
  5. apillowofclouds

    apillowofclouds TS Rookie

    You won't believe this but...

    I also had the inspiron 1100 not turning on problem. I ALSO was wondering about the lid switch being as the thing had died such a quiet death while sitting quietly in a laptop bag in my office. But alas, no lid switch to be found.

    After reading this thread, I thought hmmm, what's the chances that if I break this puppy open and accidentally jam a flathead screwdriver through the CPU, the network admin at work will be happy with me having taken the initiative in the repair and promptly order me a new notebook?

    The chances of that seemed slim so I came up with an alternate plan. Figured out where the latch magnet switch must be by sticking a screw to the magnet above the lcd and closing the lid, went down to my cellar, grabbed a rare earth magnet I had farmed out of a dead hard drive long ago, and held it above the switch. Wallllar, she boots!!!

    Funny thing is, we had 2 Dell notebooks at my last job with exactly the same issue, and both were considered DOA and stripped LMAO
  6. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

  7. jesco d

    jesco d TS Rookie

    dell inspiron 1100 dead no ligths help

    hi to all i have a dell inspiron 1100 that is completly dead. it has the battery, but when I plug the ac adapter that I have which is pa-6 and the laptop original is a
    pa-9. anyway, it does not get any power at all. there is no green lights or orange no lights at all. I was wondering if anyone can guide me through the procedures. and how to trouble shoot this dead machine any help would be appreciated in advance. thanks.
  8. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Umm there's a guide just above your post !
    But I would suggest you test with another AC power Adapter
  9. madcomputers

    madcomputers TS Rookie

    Your way NEVER worked it out

    I have followed you way to sor out my Dell Inspiron 1100 which was did, but your way NEVER worked, Now I don't know if I changed the motherboard I might need to change the touchpad.....

  10. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Thanks for the update
    Even though the guide has helped thousands. If you cannot get any resolution you may need to start replacing hardware
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