Dell Inspiron 13-7353 Booting to Diagnostic Screen and Window's Sound Bar Appearing At Max


I have a Dell Inspiron 13-7353 that is automatically booting into the Dell diagnostic screen (not Windows diagnostic) upon a cold boot. I have attempted to isolate the problem by resetting BIOS settings, disconnecting the laptop's keyboard ribbon cable, and also disconnecting the HDD. I can boot to Windows without issue, if I exit the Dell diagnostic screen, but as I said, any cold boot forces me into the Dell diagnostic screen and I've attempted to change the boot order within BIOS.

When I do boot into Windows 10, there is a sound bar that appears at the top left-hand corner of the screen where the volume is set to 100% and cannot be undone, as it resets itself to 100%. I've attempted to reinstall the sound driver, disconnected the keyboard, but no solution can I find.

I should note that I HAVE completely replaced the keyboard itself on this laptop, because it seemed as if there was a key sticking and causing the current behavior with the diagnostic screen booting before Windows and with the sound bar being at 100% each time.

TL;DR: A cold boot results in system going to diagnostic screen no matter what peripherals I've disconnected and I reset BIOS. Windows 10 shows a sound bar at 100 always.

Cycloid Torus

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I gather that this issue first arose some time ago and you attempted to correct it with the installation of a new keyboard. On many systems the settings allow you to turn off sensing keyboard errors. Have you tired that?
Hey Cycloid Torus,

I've attempted to reset BIOS, flashed new firmware for BIOS, and I have tried numerous settings in BIOS to try to get the system NOT to boot to the Dell diagnostic screen upon a cold boot. I believe I've isolated the issue down to the motherboard itself at this point, because I've disconnected nearly every cable connected to some device, such as the touchscreen, HDD, WLAN, etc, and even changed the RAM, but so far NOTHING has worked.

Cycloid Torus

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"automatically booting into the Dell diagnostic screen" (some component is malfunctioning)
"attempted to isolate the problem" (unable to determine which)
"but no solution" (can't fix what I cannot isolate)
"completely replaced the keyboard" (decided to try this due to 'sticky key', but didn't work)

You should find an entry in BIOS which toggles response to keyboard errors. Have you tried that to see if your keyboard problem is still an issue? Your motherboard manual may have a more complete description of these capabilities.
Key to successful troubleshooting is to isolate the error(s). Laptops are tightly engineered and are hard to troubleshoot. Sometimes a clearer idea can be found by reviewing the administrative logs (
Is your warranty still in force?