Dell Inspiron 1420 BSOD

By williep
Apr 6, 2009
  1. Hi All,

    I am trying to troubleshoot an Inspiron 1420, running Vista Home Premium that blue screens at least 50% of the time at bootup and 100% of the time after recovering from Sleep Mode. I was told that the most likely culprit is faulty RAM so i went ahead and ran the following diagnostic programs - none of which found anything wrong with the system memory:


    Upon perusing the Event log i found some entries for pxhelp20.sys. just as a test i renamed the driver, which in turn rendered the dvd-rom drive inaccessible, however the BSOD returned.

    In addition, i have run anti-viral tests using AVG and even restored the machine to it's factory settings using the Vista image on the recovery partition.

    Before i got a hold of this machine, it was apparently taken to Geek Squad at Best Buy where they ran hardware diagnostics and did not find anything wrong with the hardware.

    Please find attached a series of memory dumps recorded over a period of two days. Also, included is a system summary of the notebook.

    Best Regards !

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