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Dell Inspiron 1564 will not turn on solution

By jastephens
Apr 12, 2012
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  1. First of all I would like to sincerly thank Techspot memeber, Richard 1966, for saving me the cost of a new computer with his posted solution to the closed thread: 'Dell inspiron 1100 will not turn on'. I'm was so impressed with Richard 1966's solution that I was compelled to joing Techspot and post this 'thank you' and my comments. I have never posted previously so I hope I'm within Techspot protocol.

    A few hours ago my Dell Inspiron 1564 would not turn on; it appeared that no AC power was getting through the power switch, my computer was 'dead'. I tried changing batteries, using the power cord without a battery, plugging the ac power cord in while holding the power button down. I tired everything to no avail.
    I went shopping online (on my wife's laptop) for a new machine.
    On a whim I did an internet search on 'my Dell Inspiron will not turn on' and got directed tp the Techspot thread which contained Richard 1966's solution

    As Richard 1966 instructed I disassembled my failed laptop, disconnected and then reconnected the touch pad, plugged in the power cord hit the power button and bingo, my laptop came on just like it has hundreds of times before.
    This procedure took me about 1 1/2 hours. I have taken apart about half a dozen laptops over my computing years.

    There is obviously a weakness in the Inspirons around the Sleep/Hibernate functions and the mechanism when the laptop is closed which triggers these functions. The mechanism appears to be somehow tied into the touchpad. So disconnecting and then reconnecting the touchpad resets the functions.

    I just had a thought; I wonder if disabling and then enabling the touchpad through the windows control panel would do the same thing as physically disconnecting and reconnecting the hardware. It would be a lot easier and quicker fix then disecting a laptop.
    Oh well, hopefully it won't happen to me again so I will never know.... I've diabled the sleep and Hibernate functions on my computer so hopefully It won't have another 'near death' experience. It will, of course, die naturally one day, that much I know is true.

    thanks again Richard 1966 for your solution and thank you Techspot for this forum.
  2. breton2013

    breton2013 TS Rookie

    How would you get to the control panel to disable it if it won't turn on?
  3. Leon74

    Leon74 TS Rookie

    Hi! I had the same problem. I used the method with unpluging the power and removing the battery, then I holded the power button for 20 seconds, but that didn't help. So I removed the motherboard and shorted the bigest capacitores, sa I can remove the remaining power from them. I will post the picture. After the procedure everything was fine! [​IMG]

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