Dell Inspiron 5000e won't power on

By matheskl
Sep 3, 2009
  1. Hello. I have an Inspiron 5000e that shut down one day on its own and won't restart. I press the power button and the light blinks but that's all. I've read a previous closed thread on another model suffering the same problem. The suggested answer to that problem laid within the touchpad assembly. It seems like it's in hibernation but won't come back to life. A respondent wrote where there was a magnet that exherted its force near a long thin sensor labelled V1 (or U1) on the circuit board (i don't which circuit board he refers to). He proceeded to disconnect this sensor with a sharp knife and the machine came back and has been running well. The only downside he states is no automatic hibernation (which i personally don't care about, i only had hibernation enabled because it was my boy's laptop and he would leave it running). I removed everything and disconnected the touchpad from the motherboard but i can't find this sensor he refers to. I would think they should be similar albeit different models but if anyone could help identify it, that would really help. Then i would know if it's shot or not. Another writes that he performed as above and he thinks he sees the bar that detects the magnet (located in the lid) looks to be labelled U1 or V1. He also got his machine working by removing. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.
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