Dell Inspiron 6000 won't stay on more than 5 seconds

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Feb 19, 2010
  1. I have a cousin that fixes electonics. From what I heard, he had a friend that had a dell inspiron 6000 that just stopped working. Well He gave it to my cousin. He couldn't fix it so he gave it to me. I went out and bought an extra mother board and fixed it. It runs perfectly! Well then I have this extra mother board laying around. So, I got another Dell inspiron 6000 without a motherboard. Basicly, I want to fix the other on now. But When ever I power it on it lights up for 5 seconds and shuts off. I do not have a hard drive in it, but when I did it didn't spin. If you put your ear up to it, you can hear a humming noise on every part of the board. Any suggestions as to what to Do? I don't want to go Searching for another costly Board.
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    type fast.

    five seconds: type fast.
    listen to very short songs.
    play video games you know you will lose really quickly.

    --but seriously: the mb sounds like toast. that may be why no one is posting any notes.

    i cannot remember having te 5-second problem before. it could mean that some spot on the mb got broken or shorted out - not enuff to kill everything, but to keep it from decently being able to get BIOS rolling. Or, the BIOS is messed up.

    I wouldn't even spend money replacing the bios. I would find another mb used or cheap somewher if you really wanted to take advantage of the remaining computer, supposing that everyting else is ok.
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    I figured the mb was fried. But what about the BIOS. If I did replace that, how great of a chance do I have of Fixing it to booting capibility? Or is it garbage? I really hate to just toss it out!
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    bios would be high suspicion

    hi -a bios problem would be highly suspect.
    if some electrical circuit were totally blown, the comp would not even give you 5 sec.

    if you get a post beep, and five sec, then something is doing something.

    that something would be bios. so either it is jacked up, or its commands/instructions are hitting a function that is jacked up.

    bios usually sits on a bios chip. so, it can be 'swapped.'

    this is enuff trouble and cost, relative to simply buying another mb that would fit with most or all other components, that most ppl will say it is not worth it.

    if you do venture down this path, you will learn. but if you jump ship before following this path, you will already have learned.

  5. jdizzle

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    I've looked, and looked. But I just can't find a replacement bios for a dell inspiron 6000. How do I know whether one is right for the laptop or not? How can you tell?
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