Dell receives two 'possibly superior' bids from Icahn, Blackstone

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Mar 25, 2013
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  1. Last month, Dell officially announced plans to go off the publicly-traded stock market and into private hands. The buyout offer came from founder Michael Dell himself and a handful of investment firms to the tune of $24.4 billion, or about...

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  2. bexwhitt

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    Dell used to make really good PC's, then they changed into a bottom feeder and started to lose money, go figure
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  3. Dell laptops are ugly as sin, they use to be some nice descent looking machinery. Dell like most American Companies want to sell us what they wouldn't buy themselves.
  4. Mbloof

    Mbloof TS Rookie Posts: 56   +7

    DELL really has 3 problems facing it - to many models, way to many overlapping 'deals' and a declining PC market.
  5. SCJake

    SCJake TS Rookie Posts: 80

    I work with primarily Dell's for my business. Granted I would never buy one for a home desktop, but their laptops are actually quite nice. The business PC's are nice because are almost all (architecturally) compatible which is really nice for businesses who have to swap out a dead pc and then have to deal with someone whining that someone has a new computer. As far as workstations and business desktops go they are great. I dont understand why people always trash dell when they explicitly say that they are focusing on the business market, and what they put out for said market is actually good stuff.

    Then again the primary trashers of Dell are gamers who really dont matter when it comes to Dell's opinion of pushing a solid business workstation
  6. Agreed. Same goes for HP, Toshiba, Acer, and even Sony. The best PC's as of now are Asus and Lenovo.
  7. It amazes me how people still only mention PC's when talking about Dell. Seems that everyone forgets that the PC business is only roughly a little over 20% of Dell's business. They have in the past several years shifted into an Enterprise Server/Software/Storage/Services company.

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