Dell XPS m1530 problems

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Feb 10, 2011
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  1. Hi, Guys im having problems with my laptop my warranty has expired so i cant send it to dell to get fixed and also im in college so i really need to get this fixed fast.. the other night i was shutting off my laptop when a blue screen appeared i didn't get to see what it said the next day getting ready for home work i turned on my laptop as usual but this time it took almost 30 minutes for it to start loading after loading instead of showing my my log in screen to put in my password, it stays a black screen and my mouse appears after 7-10 minutes. i have trying doing (ctrl+alt+delete) but no luck, i have removed the battery for 30 seconds no luck, tried only using the wall cable to turn on and still nothing laptop did always tell me the battery needed to be changed i was wondering if this is the problem or is it time to get a new laptop, like i said college student money is tight since my boyfriend is the one paying and i dont want to make him spend money for nothing, thank you for your time
  2. mike1959

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    This could be one of several problems, but assuming you can't get to your Vista desktop anymore, (is that right?) when you power on the pc, tap away at the F8 key, quickly, and straight after pressing power button.
    Do you see a blackscreen with white text? If yes, scroll down with cursor key to the line 'Use last known good configuration' and press 'enter'.
    But without knowing any more, your problem could be, a faulty RAM board, (5 minutes to swap in a new one, and not expensive), or a failing Hard drive, not good, or other main circuit board problem. It's not so likely to be the battery though, but try the F8 key (Safe mode) idea first.
  3. damofo69

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    yesi have done all that even tried in safe mode but still nothing
  4. mike1959

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    If it were my laptop, I would do the next least expensive thing, put some new RAM in, even if only to rule that possiblity out. You might know someone who has a spare board, any amount will do to prove the point, 512MB, 1GB. Even if you had to buy it, it's not expensive now. Take the panel off under the laptop, usually right in the middle, hinge up the RAM, replace, and test. At most 5 mins.
  5. Mike Myers

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    This fix might work for you, if you still even have the laptop..........

    There is a ton of information in this forum that explains how to fix the problem. I tried it a few days ago, and one hour, using a heat gun, the problem seems to have been fixed. Here's the new link I entered earlier today, with the link to the older discussion with a complete explanation of exactly what to do:

    Briefly, you remove the fan assembly, and deliberately let the NVIDIA chip overheat by running the laptop with the NVIDIA chip exposed. The screen will come back to life. You then carefully heat up the NVIDIA chip with a 600 degree heat gun, heating it for about a minute. You need the solder connections for the NVIDIA chip to "melt" together again. Put the whole thing back together again with the heat transfer compound on the CPU and NVIDIA chips, and everything works like new.

    It has now been almost four days, and I've done all the Windows updates, and other things. The laptop is still working perfectly. It's a 2008 laptop - lasted for four years before it broke. Maybe it will last for another four. Technically, yes, it is "fixed", but I don't yet know if I trust it.....

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