Dell XPS m2010 won't boot


Thank you to all contributors to this thread. I am having the exact same problem and this is a great help to me! New VC on the way - fingers crossed!
Thank you to all contributors to this thread. I am having the exact same problem and this is a great help to me! New VC on the way - fingers crossed!

Where did you get the new video card from? I went to all places, and they only sell refurb. Even Dell sells refurb.
Apologies - it's not new, it's used. I got it from eBay. Will send it straight back if it doesn't work..
Just wondering, do you think this problem is caused by a 2nd HD? I only recently installed one..?
I don't think the 2nd hd has anything to do with it because mine didn't have a 2nd hd. Mine didn't have the hd over the video card. Only on the left side.
Well I have a solution for you guys all if ur dell xps wont boot....Just to make sure we are all talking about the same problem:
- Powers on, but does not boot.
- Blank screen.
- Power LED stays on.
- HDD LED blinks at the beginning and stops.
- Bluetooth LED blinks every few seconds.
- Keyboard LEDs flash once after powering on.
- CD/DVD tray won't open, but spins for a second after powering on..

Well the answer is....and will be if first you believe in Jesus Christ.

The fault is form the video card... just loosen it and the main problem is from the silver screws named A,B,C and D...loosen that screw and refix then and keep loseen and tighting the screws till the screen appears....Well for mem I loosen the video card...prayed nover it and fixed it bk and Lo and Behold...IT God fixxed I know is a miracle cos there was no where for me to get that video card cos I live in Im chatting you now Im writting with my Dell xps
So bascially, what you are saying is that the video card is seated bad? If that's the case, that means the connector might be worn, or possible some solder points are broken. I had tried this before selling the whole system, but it didn't work for me. I tried it loose, tight, and even with the screws off, but still no go. Maybe your video card is starting to go out, and moving it around is kind of keeping it alive. But who knows. Dell really should have a recall on this BS.
Re...Dell XPS m2010 won't boot

yea the video card is seated badly......first this what I did losen the card both the ABCD bolts or srews and the 1234 srews too....and on the VIDEO card IC u will see the card warmer is melted on the Video card IC which is in the color of a sea blue.....clean and whipe them off with a spirit or a dirt desolver the seperate the parts and put em down for bvout 30- 1hr to dry up and now b4 u refix it pray over it cos I believe in Jesus rescrewed just on the pc...and if it doenst turn on....leave in still turned on and be playing with the srews or bolts ABCD as tightening themm and LO and BEHOLD it will come cos this how i did it and now ma pc is bk into health.....well.....see if ur fan vents r working cos the resume why the vidoe card not turning is becauyse the cooler on the IC LED or the reader is melted on the IC so wipe em off with a spirit or dirt desolver
and if u have a warranty let dell send u a new video card and lossen ur hard drive the processer and clean em all and refix em but the main problem is the video card trust me....cos firts i took it to a tech as soon as the tech opend and screw that place bk the comouter came bk to live... and when i got home on it for bout 1hr is went off again.....but i didnt botehr to send it bk but i made my computer rested for 3 days wihout not touching it...and i opened it my self loosen the video card side re fix it on my comp and it didnt as i saw bolt B loosen i touch that screw, screwd it and i saw the comp on since em no porblem... hey I remember putting a small square cuttered paper or sheet ont the IC which si also square in replacement on on the melted cooler which is sea blue and also the paper will make it hard for heat to attack the video IC
my dell m2010 xps will not boot-same problem

for troubleshooting i opened the case. i applied power.all blue lights came on. i noticed that the fans would come on about 30sec later or not at all. i removed power. i removed the video card. i re-applied power to the computer. again all the blue lights came on, but this time both fans came on within 6sec. i turned off the computer reinstalled the video card. blue lights but no fans. i will try loosing the four screws on the video card. your logic sounds good. i will also pray as you did. i will let you know the out come. thanks for your help
Well as far as I can tell is that,the fan wudnt work or turn on unless a heat tries to catch it that works through the fan vents...screw out bolt ABCD and u will see the blue cooler melted on the IC of the video card and apply my rules and when the computer turns on for now...please prevent overtiming usages on your computer
Good Morning World, What a Glorious Day it is!!!!! "dadarexz" You're the bomb! it worked, just as you said. i took apart the video card. I put it back together only loosly. I tightened it a half turn at a time. after three half turns it came on and went off very very fast. the fourth half turn it stayed on for about three seconds. I made two full turns. it came on but it was slow to boot. I backed off a half turn and it came on. it stayed on. everything is working perfectly as if it was new. i turned it on and off about twenty times without a glitch. i watched my downloaded videos in my itunes library with out it freezing. I kept it on thru out the night. I woke up, touched the mouse pad, everything is still working. I turned it off and back on again, no problems. I do have two questions for ya 1- do you know the part number to the wire harness that conects to all the lights pc boards and conects to the video card. 2 - where do I send the thank you Gift Card. I want to thank . you have saved me a great deal of money. my computer was broken for months. i bought it refurbished on ebay with warranty. but the warranty company would not fix it because it broke within the first thirty days. Thank You!!!!!
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Hey give thanks to the Almighty God...cos without him I wudnt have this knownledge cos I told u if U have faith in him he will always make the impossible POSSIBLE...GOD Bless ya.. u know Im from Ghana down west africa...many taughts all we do is evil but I tell u we can do good tooo.....Dell tech r dickheads they know nothing... lol sorry... hey We thank God it worked..for you questions I will find out the wire that connects to the video but I will find a dead dash board or motherboard and find out...we can chat at dadarexz at hotmail dot com so we share ideas...I bought my laptop for 4500$$$$$ very speed and fast and one blue day it went off for bout weeks...and I prayed to God he gave me ideas... I tell u Gods name is BIGGEr than anything u can think on earth not only DELL XPS M2010 the BST COmputer ever...lets chat im always on msn

Ps..for now I have one problem that is whenefver I on my pc I have to connect me bluetooth keyboard everytime I restart of put ma computer on my I dont care cos my video is on...but if u have a solution to that lemme know thanks
Geez... Now I'm gonna have to go to church(cut a deal with god)

So it's 6:00am this morning, and i'm reading how dadarexz and phlegmel fixed their machines.

I envision candles, the holy bible and them laying hands on their machines. I couldn't keep from laughing so hard (no offense).

But they seem pretty conviencing so.....what the heck I went into work early disassembled the m2010,
and began loosing and tighten the the set of screws 1-4, did it for 25 minutes....nothing.

This afternoon the light was shining thought the window of the shop and was lighting up the m2010. Like something was telling me to try again.

So I'm thinking ...OK God, if you help me fix this laptop I'll go to church next week(RIGHT LIKE GOD CUTS DEALS!)

This time I randomly loosened and tighten both sets of screws and THEN.......BANG UP CAME THE VIDEO SCREEN.

P.S. I first bought a motherboard

I have included a picture of how I test the M2010. I even slightly moved the cooling fins to make video interface contact.

First thanks for everyone posting in this thread. I had to register here to say how helpful it was.

My m2010 is still out of commission but I'm confident its the videocard. I tried the whole tightening and loosening it thing but that didn't work.

I'm kinda going through withdrawal because I love my m2010 and i'm typing this from my small n810 pda

I happen to be on my m2010 and the mouse stopped responding- and then the music I was playing started skipping I had to do a hard reset.

After going to dell's website for the disasembly manual I should mention when pushing the tabs in to remove the top pannels you should use a tiny flathead and push it in all the way. I was kinda paranoind after I read someone had broken the clips after prying off the top but really you push in the clip/ button at the back of the laptop then you can use like a plastic credit card to lift the top off.

Anyway got my m2010 off ebay a year ago. I use it about 8 hours a day every day for my job. If I can't fix it I'm going to buy an hp touchsmart since I use it for graphic design and its about as portable as an all in one computer. This thread saved me the time of having to call dell about the warrenty since they won't honor anything off ebay as someone said before.

I love this computer and like I said I use it everyday and carying it has become sort of a workout routine for me. I also remember this laptop being in Iron Man and Get Smart last year- I really wish Dell would continue making it but I guess all in ones are the same.

Phlegmel did you take apart the video card and remove the thermal paste or something? Then reapply thermal paste? Like I said I loosened it up completely tried to boot and nothing happened. Tightened 3 half turns and nothing. A buddy of mine says a similar issue plauges the 360. The solder points get cold and detach or something but heating it up makes them reconnect. I did take the video card out but I'm not in front of the m2010 right now and I'm wondering if I take off those 4 screws if the heatsink will come off exposing the gpu so I guess I could reapply thermal paste.

I was just about to upgrade to 4 gb of ram to try the new win 7 rtm and now I can't : / This all gives me a good reason to buy that 22 in touchsmart though....

EDIT: lol it took me a half hour to type this on this pda and somebody posted before me during that time.

toxicmonkeylove your post gives me hope but I must have tried it 6 times tightening and loosening and trying to get the lcd to turn on with no results. I'll try again although I did say a prayer like ppl recommended.I guess I'll try again tomorrow.

Anyone know if its possible to get the hd's to read in another computer with a raid card? I must be the only ***** that configured them in a stripe set so that both drives act as one xD I do regular backups but you never think it would come to that- and my last backup is a month old.
M2010 wont boot

yes, i did take the video card apart. actually i had taken the card out two days before. my daughter was playing with it. i had planed to buy a new one. but for kicks and giggles i tried what dadarexz did. and it worked. after taking my video card apart i noticed six or seven blue square pads. i think they are used to help remove the heat. did you try reinstalling your video assembled very loose and tighten screws a hair at a time. reassemble your computer. loosen the screws labeled ABC AND D. these screws are located in the center of the video card. plug it in. turn on the power. at this point it should not boot. turn power off and remove power cord. tighten screws again. put power cord back in and turn on. it still may not turn on. but keep doing this until it does. when you are close it will come on and go off very very fast with in 1 or 2 seconds. if your video card still has some life it should work. mine is still working. in fact i am responding to you from my dell m2010 xps. it works like new. no problems. i carry it to and from work every day. let me know if i can help you with anything else......don't forget to pray.

Does your system do the following: when you press the "on" button
blue lights go across the cd-player?
does your fans come on?

my fans did not turn on for about 2 minutes (this tells me the motherboard has some smarts).

i actually tugged the cooling fins up & down, left & right. this gave me leverage on the seating the connector.

here's a bit of info
once the video came on, i turned the unit off removed the video card put it back in, tighten all the screws and it came right up.

I did that twice

good luck
Well I left my computer at work so I can't try until tomorrow.

Unrelated but I use this bag as a carrying case for my m2010 if I get this fixed I'll share some pics of my setup

Its weird I've always used it in a 72 degree environment never above 80 and I usually have an oscilating fan near it. It'd be nice if I could just receed the vid card and it would work without me having to buy a refurb one. I've seen that work on memory before but meh.

Running 32 bit xp sp3- only thing I did differently was patch the newest video card driver for the mobility radeon so I wasn't using dell's outdated one. If I do manage to fix this by just tightening and loosening it I'll post here from time to time until it dies. I'd hate to think I'm using a time bomb that could fail at any time : /

My system does exactly what dadarexz described where the cd lights do the wave motion as normal buit the power light goes on the hd light goes on but th hd light turns off after 2 sec and the blutooth light stays solid and then flashes every 5 sec screen remains black through all of this of course.