Dells nvidia 6800 pci express graphics card

By Buffa327
Feb 15, 2006
  1. Hi im interested in getten a dell xps 400 computer in the next few months. Ive been looking at there nvidia 6800 card. But i can't find any 6800 256 card infomation specs out there. I want to know if that card dell uses is a GT, GS, or whatever I can't find a basic 6800 with 256 ram. I just want to know what EXACT model that card is so i can check out the benchmarks and details.

    Any infomation or advice would be greatly appreciated
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    i have it in this mashine right now.. played it in numerus games to heh.. runs very much ok.. all the new cames can run on medium to high.. Fear runs in high.. just not at 60 fps.. still.. its a nice card.. even though im upgradeing
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    Thanks for the help gentlemen I appreciate it.
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