Desktop wont turn on

New pc worked fine for about 4 months. Then one day it wouldn’t turn on. Not knowing why I checked all the connections and couldn’t find anything. Tried to turn it on again and it worked. This issue of it randomly not wanting to turn on has continued and I’ve come to figure out that if I turn of the power switch in the back and leave it off for a bit when I come back and turn it on my pc will work again. What could be causing this?


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I have a Gigabyte B450M-DS3H with a Ryzen 3 2200G that does this. I never did figure it out after a new PSU and a fancy UPS to clean up the power. When it wants to play possum that is indeed the only way I can get it to boot. flip off the power on the PSU and wait a while...sometimes a long while before it will turn on again. I'm not much help but if you ever figure it out. I am all ears.