Destiny 2: Forsaken features a new PvPvE gameplay mode called Gambit

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Bungie had no intentions of waiting until next week’s E3 trade show to share details regarding Destiny 2’s next expansion.

Set to arrive later this summer, Forsaken features a full slate of content including a prison break set in a part of the Reef players haven’t seen before. There’s also a new weapon type – the bow and arrow – that’ll be available in short-, medium- and long-range varieties and a new game mode called Gambit.

“Like adding bacon to peanut butter and jelly,” Gambit is a competitive PvPvE mode in which two teams of players start out battling AI foes on their own. As the match progresses, you’ll slay enemies and collect motes which can be deposited into a bank in the arena. Doing this creates obstacles for your human opponents in the other arena and at certain times, you can even send over a player from your team to wreak havoc on the opposition and slow their progress.

The first team to fill up their bank, summon their arena’s respective boss and kill it wins the match and presumably scores the best loot.

Destiny 2: Forsaken lands on September 4 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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Warmind was an Epic Fail DLC … Now Bungie wishes for everyone to forget the lack of content from the first game through an even worse second game … As a bonus they wish to charge for an annual pass to continually charge for a game that doesn't deliver. (aren't the buyers owed content?, asking more is wrong!)

Sure a few of delusional souls will fork over and be duped once again into thinking it will play out differently, but let the rest of us be real, Destiny is a failed franchise that has ZERO chance of turning around no matter what paid articles are written.

I use to say EA was the worst major developer, now it is hands down Activision/Blizzard … another subscription to play game .. Fire the CEO's because they can't get my money again and their stocks won't be worth a trash pit of Atari E.T.'s at this rate


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I enjoyed the Warmind storyline but there is definitely a lack of replayability with this game. You can also pretty much forget about the raids and strikes if you are just a solo player with no guild. The matchmaking system needs a lot of improvement to make it easier for players to find each other for those particular events.


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I think I've just about learnt my lesson with Destiny now.

I'm not putting any more money into it.

Bought it on PS4 to play before PC release, bought gold edition on PC (with Season pass), had played Destiny 1 quite a lot on PS4 and bought the season pass and expansion on that too.

The fact that this is a paid for expansion is quite mindblowing, after losing so many players you think it would be a free huge update to get people back (I assume, I don't have one friend who plays it anymore, also judging by the hate it gets on Reddit.)

It's really disappointing really, I really wanted this whole game to blow me away. Instead, It's all ended like this.

I haven't even looked at the second DLC for destiny 2 even though I own it, that's how uninterested I am.

I genuinely had more fun playing the football mini-game in the farm with a few randomers than the end game content.


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Destiny 1, after a couple of years, was great, really really good, played it daily, tried all the raids, solid shooting mechanics and just overall really good to play, rarely bored. At the start it was rubbish, I'll admit. The demo was basically half the game. A couple of years later it was great.

The problem with this was that Destiny 2 launched just as badly as Destiny 1 did, actually it was worse, no collectibles, no lore to speak of, no new enemy races. No new Guardian races.

I don't know how Bungie didn't learn anything from the first game. It's a real shame, The shooting mechanics are really good, just everything else keeps starting off really badly...