Diablo III launch marred by server issues, #error37 trends on Twitter

By Shawn Knight · 45 replies
May 15, 2012
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  1. I have yet to play due to this error. Probably be good later tonight. Coworker of mine stayed up all nite put like 6 hours in, crazy. He said he wasnt close to the end. I did read that some chinese and koreans rushed through it on normal. But who really gives a crap how they play anyway.
  2. Ranger1st

    Ranger1st TS Evangelist Posts: 348   +124

    There is zero valid reason for a game 12 years in the making to be this bad. New World computing used to make Might and Magic. Some of the puzzles took more then 7 hrs alone to figure out, get the components for or simply find, and there were ~ 40 per game plus all the story line elements and world exploration. They did that once a year sometimes twice with clouds of Xeen. Yes it was still an awesome hack and slash and had such a deep character development system that even to this day I shudder at making choices for the characters.
    Coming from games like that.. I won't be purchasing this game at any point in time. Consoles have killed the PC game world, apathy has accelerated the fact, fan boys have done their best to justify and validate the stupidity, ( those people are what we call 'friendly fire accidents' in the military..).
  3. Have only completed Act I, but so far I'm liking the game and am finding it fun to play. Yes perhaps normal difficulty is a little on the easy side, but that's not the end of the world. That's what the harder difficulties are for. The server issues are a pain in the ***, but I guess it's to be expected. No company is going to spend hundreds of thousands on new servers just to handle the initial launch rush and then box the servers up again, cause that just doesn't make fiscal sense. As soon things settle down a little that'll all go away, and then the happy times can roll. Personally I just wish there was an option to turn the graphics up higher than they can currently go. Cause I'm sure they could squeeze a few extra pixels in there without breaking it.
  4. Great game so far, Got lvl 19 DH and Lvl 12 WD
    Took a few hours after it went live before this error went away and actually let me get on.
    Been enjoying ever since, till now its down again emerg maintenance.

    People that are saying they beat the game in 8 hours well are just lying, http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/diablo-iii/1224669p1.html
    First person to beat the game 12h 29m

    But thats rushing though normal only.
    Still tons of hours of playing the other modes

    This is a great game, If you liked D1 and 2, Im pretty sure you will enjoy this, Yes there are some changes but its also 10 years later, I would be dissapointed if there wasent.
  5. ....you people need lives....or friends, or a woman, or something....its a game...chill
  6. Twixtea

    Twixtea TS Rookie Posts: 86

    battlenet is a piece of ****
  7. when your gf doesn't want to play with you, you are bored
    When you are bored, you want to play game
    when you want to play game, you play diablo 3
    when you play diablo 3, you get error 37
    don't get error 37, play Hello Kitty-island of adventure!!
  8. Wow, glad everyone kept their reviews unbiased.

    Metacritic's user score of 3.3 is now even lower than that of Gettysburg Armored Warfare, which is perhaps the worst game of the year.
  9. Adhmuz

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    Played through the first act 2 player co-op with a friend, and I actually seemed to enjoy myself. This is going on 3 hours of play, whats the point in playing through the game so fast that you never want to play it again. And this is just normal, can't wait to ramp up the difficulty and rage quit the first time. The only complaint is the graphics, everything looks like it could look a lot better. And the lack of SLI/xfire support, this I will never understand, a game that has been in development for so long just not support this on lunch. Anyway, thats doesn't really take away from the experience of playing the game just a small complaint.

    Great comment Twixtea, what a contribution...
  10. PinothyJ

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    Dark Souls was beaten in eighty-seven minutes so your bitching is invalid...
  11. Night Hacker

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    I don't believe anyone finished it in 7 hours AND read all the dialog, followed the story, maybe cleared most areas completely etc... you know, really ENJOY the game rather than power through it just so you can be the first to say "it sucks, yo!".

    I do have issues with being disconnected from the game while playing it today, that's been annoying, and one more reason why I don't believe someone played the game fully in 7 hours.
  12. Half the people here are bashing which probably going to calm their little cherries in few days when they start playing D3.

    Hate, but you still follow the game about... clever.
  13. H3llion

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    Some people prefer to do this? They want to be on the edge, first to destroy things. I rush through my games, every single one. But once I hit the cap, I simply reroll on an alt and enjoy the game. Then done leveling for the rest of the game/expansion.
  14. Zecias

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    Can you name a single, online, gear-based game with trading that doesn't let you buy gear or bonuses? If blizzard doesn't make a market, there will be a black market. The PTW portion only affects you if in pvp anyways.
    Tell me more about how diablo was such a good game even though people were buying gear and duping all over the place. But somehow, in D3, the market makes the game complete crap.
    You say that D3 was a bust. Have you even played the game? If you have have, you're a hypocrite because you QQ about PTW and then go and buy the game, encouraging those sort of systems. If you haven't played the game, who are you to judge? It hasn't even been out for a day. you haven't actually played through the game on mutiple difficulties. Nor have you tried the coop or pvp. And if you're going off the comments on the internet, come on... if you think the comments of raging haters and devout fanboys can be trusted, then you're hopeless.
    There are too many gaming hipsters that think it's cool to jump on the bandwagon and hate every high profile game that comes out. Metacritic proves that all the haters find a single thing they dislike and the game is instantly irredeemable.
    no offline mode = 1
    pay to win in game market = 1
    no stats points = 1
    If you were to actually make an educated argument as to why the game sucks, then I'm all for it; even if I disagree with your opinions. But most people just nitpicking and being hipsters; hating because it's "cool" and everyone else is hating. Honestly though, gamers will find any reason to throw a tantrum and make a big spectacle.
  15. treetops

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    I got in at 130am, played with my bro who lives 50 miles away til about 7am. We stayed in the same game the whole time so we didn't get booted. When I stopped copy pasting my pass and started manually retyping my user name and password I got in.

    p.s. they may have beat normal in 7 hours, beating normal is nowhere near beaTing the game though

    p.s.s. they basically waited to see how hard hit the traffic would be and bought more servers accordingly. I am stunned that there is no form of offline single player.

    I am going to reserve complaining until I see what late game is like.

    p.s.s.s.s.s.s. I bet TBH being down the last week has something to do with this release date
  16. Stupid people can get fooled by all that though.​
  17. The days of the playing the same game again on a higher difficulty are gone. Why play the same game again when you can play a different game instead?

    Now if they added something like pvp type gameplay that would be something.
  18. gwailo247

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    Why is there no reason to upgrade your authentication servers? Its not as if they're buying the physical computers. They can just rent extra space to run their software. And it may have exceeded expectations, but not as if they didn't have a daily quota of sales.

    And I'm sure they realize how many people their servers can handle. If their servers can only handle 250,000 per hour, then they got an issue cause 8 times as many people will be trying to log on. This isn't like they're sitting around the table waiting for the box office receipts. They had all this information ready beforehand.

    As always, this matter was brought before some executive, and something was laid out. It will cost X dollars in order to get everyone authenticated. And you know what he said: "**** them, we already got their money. Not as if they're going to get a refund." Everyone is acting like these poor innocent game companies, full of spunky but ill informed employees are attacked by ungrateful fans. This isn't 1997. This is 2012. I expect these companies to have all this info, and be prepared to provide what the players paid their hard earned money for - a pleasant gaming experience. I would be irritated as all hell if I spent money to buy a game only not to be able to play it for hours on end.
  19. 7 hours ? Seriously I pity those people !
  20. Night Hacker

    Night Hacker TS Enthusiast Posts: 125   +20

    People are pissed off for the same reason you would be pissed off if you bought a new car and it breaks down every 15 mins. You pay a lot for something, you expect it to work. Only in the software industry can they get away with selling faulty goods.

    "Hate, but you still follow the game about... clever."
    Of course I do, I like the game, what a stupid statement! If I didn't like the game I wouldn't give a rats *** what happens to it. But I like it, I paid for it and I expect it to work when I get it, like any other product I buy.
  21. Blizzard is worse than Hitler.

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