Did You Know? 14 Strange But True Tech Facts


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Gotta trust a "coin" where the inventor and the entire organization behind it is totally hidden. Must be a bunch of really honest people, right? They even used a Japanese to make us more confident in their honesty.

Yep. And I bet the same people who trust that blindly are most likley the same troglodytes who think there is a world wide conspiracy to inject people with a chip while giving them a vaccine....


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I remember as a kid there was a story in a gaming magazine - perhaps Nintendo Power - that listed the story about Minus World in Super Mario Bros game. There was a reward offered of some large sum of money (maybe $10K or something along those lines) that if you could provide evidence that you could beat -1 world you'd win the cash prize. My older brother and I spent days trying to find a way out of an unescapable world. We never found a way and I don't think anyone ever won the contest.
I believe that was EGM not Nintendo Power.


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For someone named Grace Hopper (ie. grasshopper...) to discover the "first" computer bug is quite funny, don't you think? :joy: