Digital Music Index report reveals the top 10 BitTorrent countries

Shawn Knight

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Musicmetric just released the first edition of the Digital Music Index, a report claiming to be the most in-depth study ever conducted on the digital music landscape. The DMI looks at a plethora of metrics including the popularity of licensed...

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Ye I can tell the music industry is really in a bad position with piracy I mean come on $5.2billion in 2011 according to some court cases lately they seem a bit short on what they should be getting... a few trillion dollars.


Yeah the recording industry as you can see has been hit hard by the recession a measly 5billion is noway near satisfactory it needs more to be able to produce crap music remakes and then find talent from shows like xfactor which im sure they make a nice profit just in advertising etc what happens to all this profit does it just line the pockets of the already stupidly rich or does maybe a little go back into building recording studios, funding up and coming student writers etc.
Just think if they didnt waste so much on fighting piracy I bet there profit would be double so much is wasted fighting a losing battle there will always be piracy online or not accept this.


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Oh man... This is just so tragic.

Britney Spears used to have a Gulfstream IV private jet. Sadly, illegal downloaders have forced her to downgrade to a Gulfstream III, which doesn't even have a remote control for it's built in DVD surround sound system.

Now that so many Metallica songs have been downloaded illegally, Lars Ulrich can't afford to purchase the gold-plated shark tank bar he wants to put by his pool this month. Instead, he's going to have wait three whole months to get it.

Master P's son, Lil Romeo, has always dreamed of owning a island in French Polynesia. His birthday is coming soon, but Lil Romeo may never get his island if everyone keeps sharing his father's music.

So there you have it. If you keep downloading music for free, recording artists will be forced to live a life of only semi-luxury. Can you live with yourself knowing that you put them into this position? Didn't think so...


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If I cant buy/afford a music album and downloaded it through the internet (direct/torrent), in that scenario is it a consider lost?


So much for america constantly pointing the finger at other countries.


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Finger-pointing at other countries is just the poor, nonprofit association (MPAA, RIAA) tactic for keeping Amerika asleep while they buy a few more senators and congressmen.


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I've honestly given up on mainstream music, there's nothing worth hearing anymore. That and I much prefer VGM to such trash. I'm sorry for labeling it like that to anyone offended, but name really what songs are THAT worth listening to? Most good songs are from years ago, when nothing sounded like a broken record.

The most you would see in my PayPal? Most likely just purchases for indie bundles, VGM bundles or something needed. Nothing spent on mainstream music, nor even remotely interested now. Listening to the radio is about all I need, to know that such music is getting worse.