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Nov 7, 2010
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  1. OK so this morning i got on the computer, went to play Wizard101 it was running fine until i came across someones post saying something about ctrl+ alt+ down.

    I couldnt help but press it, i did... my screen became all blurry and big. i went to settings and put it back the way it was. My game closed, i opened it again but when i hit play BOOM! error.( Picture attached)

    When i went to change settings i found out an error message there too( Picture attached)

    I know a few things about computers and i belive my video card is
    "Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family" (carppy one right?)

    Please help me!

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  2. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,188   +470

    Try using System Restore to a point in time before you messed with your system.

    What was Ctrl + Alt + Down supposed to accomplish?
  3. CarloSSS

    CarloSSS TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Where can i find system restore? will it erase my things?

    Funny thing is never found out what it does... DONT TRY IT!
  4. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,188   +470

    System Restore will not delete your data files but any drivers, programs or applications you installed after the restore point will have to reinstalled. One thing about System Restore is if you don't like the results, you can undo the restore or try another restore point.

    To find System Restore it depends on what Windows version you are using. For XP go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore.
  5. CarloSSS

    CarloSSS TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have Vista... I found it anyway is restored now, waiting for my game to load ill tell you whether it works or not

  6. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,188   +470

    Very good. I'm glad it's fixed.

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