Dispute between RCA Audio and Direct TV Tivo

By Wade Ketron
Dec 1, 2005
  1. New member saying Hi, and seeking information regarding 1997 RCA Model 50830BL, Chassis PTK 195BL and Direct TV tivo Audio problem. Purchased tivo and it was installed by Direct TV around 05/05. Audio has worked good during daytime but is intermittently from 8PM till 11PM. Have called and received suggestions from at least 9 Tech Support at Direct TV resulting in 3 tivo replacements, including visit on 11/30 which resulted only in his disconnecting Audio cables red, white from tivo to TV leaving coaxial connection for satellite and cable network only and Audio was terrible last night. I have followed instruction booklets on connections and switching cables many times. Will try to shorten by this: 1. Used Cable network only without VCR or tivo, and the TV Audio functions. 2. Switched tivo to different TV and it functions okay. 3. Checked and double checked connections and cable.
    Question. If sound board bad in TV, why would it function great of day and with only Cable Network connected, and be intermittently during night. Can someone get rid of this ghost question. I have Direct coming out again 12/1. If it would be TV would gladly get it corrected to be able to use system. Thanks
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