Need to connect Genius SW-5.1 3005 to DVD or TV

By sistersin
Jan 20, 2011
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  1. I purchased the Genius SW-5.1 3005 to use for my tv/Sony 3d/bluray player with internet connectivity. It is only available online and states that it is compatible with computers and dvd players. After it arrives, it connects with three separate cables that connect to the subwoofer, with rca connections and the end that connects to the dvd/tv has the stereo 3.5 mm connections. So it has three separate stereo 3.5 mm plugs that need to be connected. My brand new bluray player comes with only the standard two rca audio output jack as does my Panasonic 52" P52LCX66 tv.

    I have been seaching online for hours for a solution on how to use these. The problem being, where I live we have problems with the electricity and it has already blown up two nicer surround systems I had before and I don't want to spend much since this seems to be an ongoing problem. I recently purchase new surge protectors with circuit breakers in them hoping to keep from having more problems. I also have Dish Network and two of the boxes for Dish have gone bad so far since I have lived here.

    If anyone knows of a way to use this I would appreciate it. I've looked for converter plugs from 3.5 mm to rca, but with only two plugs does no good unless they made one with multiple female 3.5mm inputs?

    Please help
  2. mike1959

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    I would have thought with a 5.1 system, all the plugs into the DVD/blue ray player or TV, would be RCA jacks. But if your only connections are going to be using a headphone socket on the TV, (3.5mm) then you will get 2 channel stereo. It is possible to get an adapter to plug in the RCA jacks into, then a 3.5mm on the other side to plug into tv.
    Have a look at;
  3. jobeard

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    Invest in a good UPS, maybe two

    Equipment is usually rated in Watts and the UPS' in VA. First sum up all the WATTS needed to be protected.

    Total Watts / 0.60 = VA for the UPS'

    UPS' come in various ratings and be sure to get a model with replaceable batteries.

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