Dlink DFE-530TX, driver issue.

By Valdr
Jun 1, 2008
  1. Well, I have been up all night trying to get my NIC card to work. Here is the situation:

    I just built my new PC, I am using reusing my old NIC card.

    The CD with the drivers to it is damaged and will not insall.

    I downloaded the drivers (version 6.0 and version 6.1) and burned them to a CD. then copied them to my new computer.

    When I attempt to run the setup from thoes I get this:
    "Error 1311. Source file not found
    C:\Docume~\Mark\Locals~1\Temp\Temporary Directory 2 for
    dfe530TX+_drivers_610_.zip\windows\disk2.cab Verify that the file
    exists and that you can access it."

    If I use device manager auto detect does not find anything; and when I go through and find it and install it I get 'Error 10'

    When I installed my Motherboard(X48T-DQ6) software it installed two network adapters 'realtek RTL8168C(P)/8111C(P) PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC" however both are giving me 'network cable unplugged' messages.

    (according to Dlink Realtek drivers should work just fine)

    Any ideas guys?
  2. Valdr

    Valdr TS Rookie Topic Starter

    after a few calls to dlink i was told it was a microsoft error. I searched the microsoft site and all I got for disk2.cab was about embeded XP, and microsoft office 2003.

    anyone know where I can get this file?
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