Does Bitlord infect your computer?

By Kelly ยท 4 replies
Feb 9, 2009
  1. I've just downloaded Bitlord to get movies from torrent, it works great. But I wonder if it infects my computer, because there's something wrong (like it shut down randomly, can't access a certain of websites like google...)
  2. TheConqueror

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    Hi kelly, A quick tidbit before i try as best i can to answer your question. When you use software like bitlord be very carefull about what you download as piracy is not condoned eventhough to me sharing media should be the least of our countries worries XD. Now assuming you are using torrents do the research beforehand on the software itself some can and will download baddies to your system without yoru knowledge in EX: Limewire working as a tech p2p software was one of the biggest causes of Virus infections i would say atleast 80 % of all computers serviced in the establishment were due to software such as this. Dont get scared just yet if you download torrents check the comments from people who have already downloaded whatever file it is you wish to aquire as people will let you know beforehand if it is infected or not and most of all use your instincts if you are downloading something you think or feel should not be available to download freely on a mass scale i would stay away from it. Like i said not all torrents are bad not all people are bad do the research read the comments keep your system clean.
    btw if you download as you surf it will greatly reduce your bandwith EX: having the bitlord program running while you try and open your google web page so do not have the program runnin at startup and close it when it is not in use. XD
  3. Kelly

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    thanks so you're saying that it's just about what you're downloading that infects the computer right?
  4. csnipper

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    Although its very possible a virus is the problem, I have also ran into this problem with a newly formatted laptop. Basically I can run bitlord for a few days, then all the sudden it pops up the blue screen stating an issue with atapi.sys file, then proceeds to shutdown and restart. This only happens on the laptop, my desktop has never ran into this problem and I run basically the same programs on both computers. If anyone has any insight into this it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. kritius

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