I have been taken over by a software called Astanda using XML to Log everything and roaming to an SQL server.

Good Day,

I really need some help. I am close to tears of frustration and at the point to throw my laptops in the trash. Something or someone installed software called Astanda that uses XML to create logs on everything I do even the time it takes to charge and discharge my battery. It then roams all my folders and what I do on my laptops to a SQL server. I do not have SQL on my laptop nor do I know how it works. It creates XML script that gets placed in certain folder on your root of you laptop and gets administrative rights. I have been clearing my logs every 5 min with a bat file. I have tied to uninstall it I have completely formatted my laptops not keeping any files. It also corrupts some of your software but if you look in your services you can see its dodgy and it not avast's service that is running. It turns DNZ mode quietly then corrupts Microsoft Defender and before you know it everything is down the drain. It also creates new users and turns your laptop into a server where you eventually work on a fake administrative user with no privileges but everything you do looks fine. It takes over your google drive desktop folder and does not upload to the drive but actually roams the folder. It also creates a SAM folder on the desktop and other folders. Slowly you lose control of your computer and all your data is out here. I noticed my netbios gets turned on as well as netshare and uses tcp/ip ports to gain remote access to your computer. You can turn off all possible settings to avoid remote desktop it will make a new connection with some dodgy setting. The remote machine connecting to my laptops is a windows 7 desktop. It also creates a fake wifi and gives you the illusion you are connected. There are too much to mention and a complete format does not get rid of it. Should I wash it out with alcohol? lol

What do you guys need from me to help please. Ill post you my hard drive. lol