Does Intel or AMD matter when installing RAM

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Jan 17, 2008
  1. As you can see from my post just below this one my computer is fried. My roomate has a Intel computer and I was wondering if i can take the RAM from my AMD system and put it into his computer. Or if this will cause a conflict with hardware.
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    No there is really no such thing as Intel ram and AMD ram. It depends on if the two computers use the same memory type. A new computer uses DDR2 while an older computer would use DDR1 and an even older computer would use SDRAM. A good ram dimm would probably be interchangeable between a new Intel computer and a new AMD computer. A computer's motherboard must be able to accommodate the ram's type, speed and voltage specifications to be able to work in that motherboard.
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    Just use the same type of RAM that you are using...
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    RAM works the same no matter what kind of CPU you have. As long as the motherboard has the right slots to match your RAM, it will work.
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