does my CPU have problem?

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Jun 26, 2005
  1. I am using a P4 3G HT FSB 800 bought < 3 months. The PC powered off automatically when I run more applications or some CPU-intensive programs soon after I have it. Then I installed a tool (speedfan) to monitor the CPU temp. I notice that when I run non-CPU-intensive programs, if the number of program is small (< 7 or sth.), then the CPU temp stays 55 - 60C. But if the number is big, sometimes it just shoots up to 70C in no time for no reason, and the PC powers off as a result. In another case, when I run CPU-intensive programs (like Matlab), it is a receipt for shutdown: the CPU temp goes up and never stop till the PC cuts off itself. :hotbounce

    I check, the CPU fan and the case fan work both well. The prob. exists even I open the case and let it wide open (I am doing so now). About the environment, now I am in summer time and I don't have A/C in the room yet(room temp < 30C), if you think environment can be a factor.

    So I wonder whether this is a normal prob for P4 3G HT, or only my CPU's and I need to replace it?


    P4 3GHZ HT FSB800 512K
    ECS 661 FX-M
    Sumsung DDR 400GHZ 1G
    GeForce FX 5200 128mb
    Western Sata 250G
  2. Night_Predator_

    Night_Predator_ TS Rookie

    Check your BIOS settings. There may be a thresshold temp. on your cpu. I'm not 100% sure if the thresshold temp. would shut it down, but I do know it gives a warning. try changing it to 80degrees celcius or so, see what kind of results you get in return.

    To go into BIOS press the "Delete" key at startup (incase you didnt know)
  3. AtK SpAdE

    AtK SpAdE TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,495

    Ok i think that your BIOS is truning off your CPU as well. (as said in the previous post) BUt turning it up, isnt really a good fix (as far as your temps go) Yes your outside temps have a big effect, but i know there is nothing you can do about that. I would think about getting a better heatsink, or make sure you have a good thermal paste application, to help combat the heat.

  4. gorilla_ch

    gorilla_ch TS Rookie Topic Starter

    3x, but, would 80C be too high to be a safe temp for CPU? There is no warning before the PC powers off. It just cuts off all of a sudden (not very often though).
  5. mrhoe0846

    mrhoe0846 TS Rookie


    What is happening is that your cpu is geting to hot so to prevent damage to your cpu your computer turns off right away. I would recomend that you get another fan for your cpu. I had a friend that had the same specs as your processer but it was a 2.8 and his stock fan and heatsnyc wouldnt keep it cool enough so try a new heatsnyc and fan and he overclocks it with his new 3.4 (overclocks to 3.8).
  6. Night_Predator_

    Night_Predator_ TS Rookie

    I have heard from other computer builders, that 90degrees celcius is a somewhat "max" of what a processor is able to goto. tempature wise.

    Although, no processor should ever run that hot unless its being overclocked. Running 3-d applications constantly and having the computer on, on a day to day basis, with run the computer down. This "run down" will weaken the cpu over time. That's how they burn out and thats when you have to replace it, if your able to.

    Setting the BIOS to a high thresshold is a small solution, but buying a better fan, rather then using the stock fan is a good choice, and also getting a good heat sink (artic silver).
  7. CMH

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    maybe running the comp with the cover open is a bad idea, air is more stagnant that way.

    Also, are you running enough case fans? Somehow this is one thing most people overlook. I overlooked this myself on 2 of my comps (running on a single exhaust fan), but I promptly corrected it (added another fan, thats all my casing could take) and now enjoying about 15C lower temps on the CPU.

    Casings these days come with at least 2 fans (unless you're buying a cheapo casing, which my PC ignorant dad did), so chances are this is not your problem. But worth a mention.
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