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Downloading USBDLM?

By tmurphy
Nov 1, 2014
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  1. Do I download USBDLM to my computer or the USB stick? What additional steps do I need to take (if any), so I can run XAMPP on my USB drive so that saved files are not dependent on the drive letter?

    I am taking a college course on PHP/MySQL and I need to save my files on my USB stick so I can work on my files from my home computer as well as the school computers.

    I installed the full version of XAMPP on a 32 GB USB stick b/c I wanted more services than the USB lite version. It is my understanding that, by choosing the full version I have to configure my USB so that any files I save are not drive letter specific. In my research it sounds like USBDLM download is the best option to handle this. Is this USBDLM download the only solution or do other options exist?

    Your help is appreciated. Thanks!

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