Dr Disrespect returns to streaming later today


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Twitch signed a contract with him and were likely in breach of that contract when they fired him. In addition, they didn't provide a reason to anyone, including the man himself, for the ban.

Why you would defer to twitch, when clearly there are some things to consider is beyond me. Do you have twitch stock or something and trying to damage control? At least wait until all the facts come out before rendering judgement.
Don't you know you are talking to the "Might Makes Right guy"? That one is as biased as possible and with his exuberant TDS paired with the stance all MSM and corporative halfwits takes, makes him say the most bootlicking things ever said by anyone ever.


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When you are banned from any platform or service, the company doing the banning is NOT required to say why. They dont have to notify you either, you can log in to a platform or service and be banned. Its part of all their ToS agreements.

Its amazing that ppl dont understand the ToS everyone agrees to. You are NOT entitled to anything.

You can talk to the company banning you as thats your best bet but again they arent required to say anything.

All you are describing is companies skirting labor laws, which is honestly rampant in the US.

There's a reason those laws were put in place. All you are doing here is highlighting the need for the US to update worker protection laws for the digital age.

What's amazing to me is that some people seem to be defending a ToS that goes against basic worker rights. Americans sure do like defending the big corporations that own them, it is truly sad.


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The ToS is the ToS, dont like it then dont use the service. Want it changed then fight n vote for it.
I dont have to defend anything when I dont have a issue using the service. Simply saying how it is.


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I am taking his word over yours because we frankly it's conjecture.
As he said in his interview, he is following his legal councel to remain silent and its probably the correct choice.

Not giving the reason for the ban is better as his image remains clean and he can continue working on a different platform. If twitch gave the reason to the public you can be sure that he would have sued them and he might have lost everything.