Drag to a disc problems

By philthyphil
Dec 16, 2007
  1. Have had Roxio Easy C.D.&DVD Creator6 for a number of years am now running xp windows and have had no problems...of late,the drag to a disc will work initially ..dragging material to a c.d....then it stars rejecting ..saying...this disc is write protected...how do you remove this??or, this disc is read only..how did this happen when we have changed nothing....have tried to update the driver...no good...all answers appreciated....thanks philthy
  2. Tedster

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    ensure you are using the RIGHT or correct type of discs for your burner.
  3. philthyphil

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    roxio problems

    Thanks for that...but the disc is 3/4 full...and just keeps saying...this disc is write protected...remove the protection or use another disc...I dont know how it became protected after accepting 3/4...or how to remove??...thanks... philthyphil
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