Dreaded black screen of death

  1. I'm guessing this is a common error found on here. it all started when i finally finished getting rid of antivir solution pro. i didnt delete anything important in the process. but, after i successfully booted, i decided to turn off the computer after hours of fiddling with it. when i rebooted, the splash screen loaded, and then went to a plain, black screen. after that, nothing happened, i tried booting in safe mode, but all the c/program files/whatever files stop loading halfway and stays there. I cant reinstall xp, because there are very important files on the computer. Please note that that i cant access task manager so i cant use that one fix. please help
  2. Archean

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    Have you tried booting with 'Last Good Known Configuration'?

    Secondly, if you have Windows XP Setup CD, you can try to do a repair install.

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