Dreamweaver Flash  buttons

By sfpb
Apr 8, 2008
  1. When ever I create a flash button in dreamweaver running in IE7, it will not open in the frame selected, but opens a new IE7 browser. Does anyone know the way round this problem. Using the same web page and button in IE6 shows no problem.
    Thanks Mike
  2. Dave50

    Dave50 TS Rookie

    Hi Mike do you have a URL we can look at.
    Which version of DW are you using?
    I never use the flash buttons, but have you set the target, i.e. blank, top, self etc.
    You may have this set to blank. IE6 and 7 should both handle this the same.
    If you want to be sure the search engines can follow the links you may be better off using text and styling with CSS.
  3. sfpb

    sfpb TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for the reply. I do not have the site as a URL as this is happening in my classroom with sites the students are building. We have checked that the target has been set and yet we are still getting a new browser window opening,
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