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Feb 21, 2006
  1. Hi, I've recently followed the instructions given by Rick in this thread:

    How to install Win2000 from DOS without a bootable CDROM

    (thanks Rick btw if you're still about, after much hair pulling that tutorial really helped)

    Now I have Drive C (where the bootable exists), Drive D (my main drive for Win2000, etc) and I want to add in a previous drive which holds my animation files. The crunch is that this drive I want to add in was Drive D on my previous setup.

    Forgive my ignorance in these matters but when I add in my old D drive could this confuse the file tree search when attempting to open up my old animation files as I assume the old drive will now get bumped to letter E?

    Sorry if I'm not making myself clear and thanks for any help.

  2. Samstoned

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    are you saying your running programs are on this drive
    can you reinstall the programs just reinstall and windows will add new icons
    thats the best way if you can do it
    if you can't and all you have on the new D drive is the OS
    you can rename the drive to e and rename e to d ,but I don't see the point
    as the new OS will not load the apps or see them untill you reinstall them
    data file are nto program files you can put them anywhere and should be able to access
    windows does not look for the letter on boot it looks for the physical location
    like 0 drive on 0 partiton
    but other programs use the letters and windows uses the letters to look for the programs
  3. blipper

    blipper TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi samstoned, my running programs (so far only Win2000) are to be on the new Drive D.

    So at the moment I have one physical drive (80gigs) which is partitioned as:

    Drive C (about 3b, which has a bootable program from Ricks thread)
    Drive D (about 77mb, for Win2000 and any other programs, storage, etc)

    the drive I want to add on is 80gigs also and was the D drive in my old setup. It contains most of my animation files.

    What I'm wondering is how much this change in drive letters will affect any animation files from my OLD D drive that I open when I add that drive in..

    For instance, one of my old animation files might search for a plugin that on my previous setup was in a program folder in the C drive and it might also require bitmaps that were stored on the original D drive. But these drives now would be D and E respectively, and the file paths would be invalid for that particular animation file.

    You say I could simply change the drive letters, is it really that straightforward?
  4. blipper

    blipper TS Rookie Topic Starter

    btw, regarding this:

    I wasn't expecting the bootable to remain partioned off after using it to install Win2000, I really would have liked the whole drive to itself and just be C Drive. But I'm pretty clueless about that whole area.
  5. ru_ready

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    from what i have read here, if all that is on the drive you want to slave in next, are only files, as in storage, with out any programs involved, all you need to do is, slave in the drive, it will assign a new drive letter being "e" "f" or what ever. after this, open the program that you use to open the animation files, go to the open option of the program and search the "map" for the new hard drive and the "name / file" you want to open and this should work nicely for you. when you make a new animation, you will need to also save to the "new" drive letter/folder etc.

    hope this may help you.

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