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Apr 17, 2010
  1. I used DriveImage XML to back a hard drive from a HP zd7140 laptop. Split the files up to fit on cds. Saved them all on another drive. Twenty some files along with the .dat file and .xml it creates. I repaired the laptop. Had to change out the mother board.
    Problem is when I try to restore the image back to the same hard drive it gets to 54% then stops with an error.

    Error: Notify Exception
    Read Error: The operation completed successfully.
    Info: Patitioin Copy Error
    Address 004E153D
    Stack Dump

    Only button to choose is "Cancel".
    Tried three times. Tried formatting the hard drive NTSf before restore. Tried formatting "fat32" before restore. Windows XP Home is on the image.
    Anyone have any info that can help me out. I have search and foundpeople having the same issue but no answer.
  2. LookinAround

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    Sorry i don't have an answer for your question....

    But just fyi... I love using/finding good freeware (as i'm sure you do as well). But when it comes to dealing with backups, i find Acronis True Image well worth the $50 vs. all the time and grief trying to get the something to work that's still not equivalent or reliable in freeware for something i depend on (like my file/folder/drive image) backups
  3. kozman

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    Yes, this is my first customer. Wish I would of used a possible better software. I do have Active@Undelete pro which makes images. Not sure how this software holds up to Acronis.
  4. LookinAround

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  5. kozman

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    Well I will have to give up. Posted this question on couple of boards and searched all over the web. I find a hand full of people reporting this problem but no solutions.
    Runtime makers of DIX will not answer my questioin. They do not support the free version. I can see that. But here I am with lost data.
    I know there are much better schemes to back up data. I will have to think better when doing so. You take software for granted. Why I have to image and restore to a different drive to check and see if the image is good, tell me RunTime.
    Well enough for venting. Thank you.
  6. LookinAround

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    If you want simple, free cloning software look at EASUS Disk Copy.

    It doesn't provide for incremental or differential backups, nor provide for file/folder views/backups... but if you simply want to backup/preserve the current drive image it will do the trick for free
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