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Driver downloads don't work (probly me?)

By hewybo
Mar 2, 2006
  1. Maybe this should go in the OS thread, or maybe in the "I ain't smart enuff to figger these things out" thread, but here goes:

    these are two examples of what happens to me fairly regularly:

    1- I downloaded an updated driver for my WinFast TV tuner card. Followed all instructions. Repeatedly, Windows states " there is no information about your device in this file." This is doubly odd, because I downloaded and installed this driver on a different mobo last year. No Problem.

    2- I downloaded a driver update for my LCD monitor ( MAG Innovision 19" TFT). Windows "cannot open this file" because it doesn't know which program created it. Well, Innovision created it, but I don't have have an Innovision unzipper on my system.

    I hate to sound flip about all this, as I am sure I should know more about my computer, and how to use this OS, but I am frustrated by not being able to simply open and install a file. Any advice, tutorials, or straightening-outs would be appreciated. :confused: :suspiciou
  2. radelli

    radelli TS Rookie


    instead of letting windows found new hardware wizard look for driver, close it, and explore driver file and click on exe file and see if it install itself,, i wouldn't install a driver for your monitor,
  3. hewybo

    hewybo TS Maniac Topic Starter Posts: 435

    did that

    I probably don't need the monitor driver anyway, but that wasn't really my point.

    The WinFast support people sent along a detailed set of instructions for installing the update. One was for just running the .exe file, which Windows won't open. The other set was through the wizard, by typing in the file to execute, which is when Windows stated there was no information about the device in the file. :suspiciou
  4. radelli

    radelli TS Rookie

    driver problem

    i'm not a pro at this, but can you go to control panel, systems, hardware, devise manager, u should see your tuner card, try updating driver here. if that doesn't work, take your card out, boot your machine without it, then shut down and reinstall it new, good luck.
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