Driver GeForce 4 MX integrated and DirectX 9.0c 3D render problem

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Aug 21, 2009
  1. Short description: On eMachine T3256 just upgraded graphic driver to 93.71 from nVidia, released around 2006. Yeah. Old stuff here. Did NOT know to uninstall old driver first, and didn't. Now I get DirectX Direct 3D render failure at step 32.

    I have no idea if this has been a problem all along. This machine's drivers have NEVER been updated! I don't understand AGP and can't tell if GeForce4 MX has it or not. Except DirectX gets thru the first of the 3 rendering tests just fine. And all the other tests and files loaded are fine and final release.

    I also tried lowering hardware acceleration to 0 and nVidia (control panel?) didn't like that at all. Refresh rate is 60 Hz. The graphics are fine on this machine - until I try to run a game. (where's the smiley for chagrin?)

    And I installed an old Dell 1905FP flat screen monitor (just the h/w). I don't THINK that's a problem - another post said monitor driver should be PnP and mine is. It's the original M$ 2001, I think. Dell does have a "new" (2005) driver for this monitor, though. I didn't install that.

    So, if someone could tell me:
    1. Do I have AGP?
    2. Are GeForce4 MX v93.71 and DirectX 9.0c compatible?
    3. Should I add/remove/change nVidia drivers through DevMan and start again?
    4. Should I roll back any driver?
    5. Should I try installing the Dell monitor driver?
    6. I couldn't find old drivers on nVidia. If I need to go back, how do I do this?
    7. On another post, someone recommended that the chipset driver be upgraded. I have nForce2 chipset. Does that mean there's an actual chipset driver or does chipset just include audio and graphics?

    bonus: If you could explain how all this stuff fits together, I'd like to understand that. Especially how the monitor driver and the graphics driver are used. (Like ♫ The hip bone's connected to the...thigh bone.... ♫ ) Or direct me to info, please.

    Thanks SO much guys!
  2. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    First of all, I'm going to ASSUME you are using Windows XP, so let go with that.

    Based on eMachine's website:
    Video : NVIDIA® GeForce®4™ MX graphics (1 AGP 8x slot available)

    Based on nVidia's website:
    Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0c and OpenGL® 2.0 support for nForceware 93.71 WHQL Driver.

    Device Manager... it should be the last resort, but you are best to try and uninstall it via control panel. It usually works, and even if you uninstalled it, the newest nForceware drivers will overwrite it and delete the older version anyway.

    You may try that, but I doubt that will work at all.

    Why not. No pain, no gain. I'm sure it will makes a very minor difference, since almost all of monitors are now plug and play.

    Sometime you will have to look it as " Legacy " because they are no longer supported, but still usable to someone, like yourself.

    Use this nForce2 driver instead.

    It really depends on nvidia based boards. On your situations, it may contains just for audio, ide, sata, network and a few others.

    I hope I helped.
  3. Ruthe

    Ruthe TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 70

    HELPED!? OMG! You are an angel! A sweetheart. Many, many thanks for taking time to help me.
    Oops, yes, XP. I must have had a brain f$%t. I didn't see any of that while I was looking around, getting confused.
  4. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    You are very welcome :)
  5. Ruthe

    Ruthe TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 70

    Many thanks - and a question

    Hey! I wanted to give an update and ask a question.

    First, I tried several versions of nVidia - thanks for pointing out the archives to the old drivers on the nVidia site. I looked but never saw the link! (if it'd been a snake...) :)

    After trial and error found version 77.77 works with my setup. DirectX 9.0c and eMachine with nVidia GeForce4 MX. I went ahead and applied the Dell flat screen update and it didn't hurt/help except that DevMan now knows the monitor's type. I can at least play (art of murder), but the mouse is SO slow.

    For others reading, if you're having this problem, go to the nVidia link above for the 93.71 version (which didn't work for me). Use the left pane to go to archives. Scroll down to about 2005-6 releases. (I found if you try to match the release year of DirectX with the release date of your driver, it seems to work best. That could be because this machine is pretty old). The hard part is finding the driver you want. Just select one and read what operating system (XP for me) it goes with and then see if it fits your graphics (controller?) nVidia GeForce4 MX (I never did see the AGP bit!). Download it to desktop. Then go into control panel, add/remove programs (THANKS for the tip). See if nVidia is listed (it will be).

    OPTIONAL, I think. At this point, I disconnected from internet (pull the plug out of the router/modem). Turn off everything in the system tray that you can (usually right click to exit). I also went thru Task Manager, but you don't have to.

    NOW do the Add/remove nVidia. Select the radio button to just remove "what I select". Select the checkbox labelled display. nVidia will work for a couple of minutes. It may ask if you want to save your old profile. (I did, but I have no idea what I was saving or how to get it back, now that I think of it! LOL) You will have to reboot. After the reboot say Cancel to the M$ wizard, exit all programs in the system tray, especially your virus protection. Now double click the driver on your desktop. nVidia will install the driver. Now test DirectX (Start button, run..., dxdiag, OK). Whether it works or not, reboot and reconnect to the internet. If it didn't work (all dxdiag tests are good), start all over at nVidia's site.

    AND this seems to be a no bad thing happens scenario. I never got BSOD or a dead display. (M$ has basic video/display? drivers that take over.) Needless worrying. nVidia did reset my preferences to 800x600 16 bit, but right click on desktop, go into setting and change back to 32 bit and 1024x768. I think that covers it.

    Now for the question. I went to and read up on chipset. YIKES. My brain is full - may I be excused!? Graphics seem to hang off the chipset. The chipset driver(s) seem to run all but the kitchen sink on the machine. Do I have anything to worry about if I go ahead and update the nForce2 driver to the one you recommend? I saw it was Sept 2004 release and the last for the nForce2. It seems like it'd be ok. But I'm worried. Needlessly again? Is there any way to protect my machine (system restore?) in case something goes horribly wrong? Any fail-safe I should perform?
  6. Ruthe

    Ruthe TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 70

    Yes, there is a potential problem. Do NOT do add/remove for anything other than the display driver. For all else, just download the version you want from nVidia and then install. How do I know? Well, you'll see by the date I haven't been around for a while. I did do the add/remove on all else and then installed the new pieces for the eMachine. This included GART, audio, ethernet, IDE, memory controller, and PCI system mgmt. I don't remember which ones I chose - whatever nVidia nForce2k.... included. (BTW, it seems anything from nVidia starting with a number is the display. nForce seems to be all else.) Then I rebooted.
    Got to XP logon, but couldn't. Why? No cursor. Unbelievable. You'd have at least thought the M$ driver would work. But no. Had to put the HDD into another machine as slave. Then manually restore the restore points. Of course, it was then I found that my other DSL modem wasn't working ... but that's another problem. Just wanted to let the next poor slob know what NOT to do.
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